Puffy Review

Puffy is a relatively new player in the online mattress retailer space. Despite having only been around since 2016, Puffy seemingly brings a wealth of expertise, offering a variety of different mattresses catering to different needs and price points, a generous at-home trial period and lifetime warranty, human support on standby waiting to help you choose the right mattress and a patriotic manufacturing process as every part of Puffy’s mattresses are made in America.

Through these features, Puffy has earned over 7,000 five-star reviews from its customers, as well as an accreditation and A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

What kinds of mattresses does Puffy offer?

Puffy offers three kinds of mattresses: Puffy MattressPuffy Lux Mattress and Puffy Royal Mattress. As you go through the lineup, these mattresses get higher, softer and contain more layers — the Puffy Mattress being the firmest and thinnest and the Puffy Royal being the thickest and softest.

All three of Puffy’s models, the Puffy Mattress, the Puffy Lux Mattress, and the Puffy Royal Mattress feature some of the same basic benefits:

Beyond this, the Puffy Lux Mattress features:

The Puffy Royal Mattress takes all of these and adds:

Each mattress’s distinct benefits largely come down to the layering of the foam inside the mattress. The different kinds of foams used by Puffy include:

If you find yourself having trouble choosing the best mattress for your needs, you can get in touch with Puffy customer support for more personalized guidance. You can also reference the thousands of reviews on each of the mattresses’ product pages to see what existing customers have to say about specific mattresses (and other Puffy products.)

How compatible are Puffy mattresses?

Puffy makes an effort to emphasize that their mattresses are designed to work with any frame or surface, including box springs, flat frames, slats, or even adjustable frames.

That said, if you need one, bed frames are available for purchase right alongside Puffy mattresses.

What accessories does Puffy offer?

On top of just being a mattress retailer, Puffy also offers just about every bedroom you can think of, including:

Their wide selection and ability to bundle different items as you please make Puffy a great option for people moving into their first apartment or simply looking for an easy and quick way to decorate their bedroom in a matching fashion.

Are Puffy mattresses sustainable?

Puffy boasts several safety and environmental certifications. For one, Puffy is Oeko-Tex®️ Standard 100 Certified, meaning that every material they use has been tested and certified that it doesn’t contain harmful substances.

All of their foams are also CertiPUR-US® Certified, meaning that Puffy foams are:

Beyond these certifications, Puffy works to help you donate any mattresses you wish to return to accepting charities in your area. Not only that but for every 10 posts uploaded to social media showcasing customers and their Puffy mattresses, Puffy donates a mattress to children in need (you can find the specific charities they donate to on their website.)

Does Puffy offer a free trial?

As Puffy explains, the majority of sleepers take around a month to adjust to their new mattress. When companies offer a trial period shorter than 30 days, they risk not letting their customers get a true feeling for their mattress.

This is why Puffy offers a 101-night at-home trial, offering plenty of time for customers to fully experience their new mattress in the comfort of their own home. If you’re still not satisfied with your mattress, you can return the mattress free of charge for a full refund.

How much do Puffy mattresses cost?

Puffy’s mattresses range from $795 to $2,995, depending on the type and size of the mattress chosen. We've listed the details below:

Puffy Mattress

Puffy Lux Mattress

Puffy Royal Mattress

If you need to add a base to your mattress, you can expect to pay an additional $135 to $1,195, depending on the type of base you need and the size of your mattress.

Further helping you save money is the fact that Puffy offers free shipping and returns, as well as a lifetime warranty. This warranty guarantees Puffy will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own your Puffy™ mattress. If there is a defect, they will replace your bed with a brand new Puffy™ Mattress free of charge.


Puffy is paving the way for a new generation of affordable, online mattress companies. By limiting their selection to three different, eco-friendly mattresses, clearly describing the benefits and firmness for each mattress and offering a customer service team on standby for even more guidance, it’s easy to find the perfect mattress for your needs.

And after getting your mattress delivered to your door, you can take advantage of their free 101-night trial to make sure your chosen mattress truly is the right fit.