Nolah Mattress Review

Nolah Mattress has carved out a niche for itself by offering up a mattress that’s ideal for people who sleep on their sides. They make them out of a material called AirFoam, which is a proprietary product that helps relieve pressure along the length of your body. And don't forget its ability to dissipate heat so you don't feel uncomfortable and sweaty at night when you're sleeping, which can be a problem with some foam mattresses. That's not the only way that Nolah distinguishes themselves from the competition, however. Let's take a look at what makes Nolah stand out from the crowd and why you might want to choose a Nolah mattress for your home.

At a Glance

Anyone who's shopped for mattresses before knows that they can set you back a pretty penny if you buy them from a retail store. Nolah is an online outlet that offers their products directly to consumers and that means they're able to keep prices lower than what you'd expect if you were heading out to a store to buy them in person.

On top of a great price, Nolah has also crafted their mattresses to be some of the most comfortable you'll be able to find. The secret is the air foam material that is made of billions of small air pockets that support you and align your spine from head to toe, especially along the shoulders and hips so that you feel reduced pressure and are more comfortable while you're sleeping. It's been shown to provide four times greater pressure relief on hips and shoulders than any other kind of mattress on the market.

AirFoam is also made without viscoelastic chemicals, which are present in many other foam mattresses. These can absorb and trap heat from your body while you're sleeping, leading to that sweaty and uncomfortable feeling many of us know all too well. In a Nolah mattress the air is able to circulate through the mattress and is actually released through the bottom of the bed to give you a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Pros and Cons

If you've never experienced a Nolah mattress before then you need to be aware that it's a little bit different than your typical mattress, as is the experience of buying one. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of going with Nolah for your next mattress.



Costs and Customer Service

As you'd expect, the price of a mattress depends on the size of mattress that you're going to buy. When it comes to Nolah you can get the following sizes:

You can find some low-cost, budget mattresses that are cheaper but they're not going to offer the same quality and support of a Nolah mattress. And when you compare Nolah to similar mattresses which can often cost upwards of $2,000, you can start to see the benefits of choosing Nolah for your next mattress.

In addition, there are many promotions that Nolah runs that can offer you upwards of $125 off of your mattress purchase as a new customer. That's going to further extend your savings beyond anything that you're likely to get from the nearest competition.

Nolah also goes out of their way to make themselves available for you if you have any customer service issues. There is a 1-800 number you can call if you have any questions, there's an email form on the website, and there's even a live chat function on the website as well so you can get quick answers to your questions if you have them. And of course, there's also a robust FAQ section on the site to help answer questions.

What People are Saying

Nolah Sleep has an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau and has received awards and recognition from publications such as Apartment Therapy, Forbes, and Men’s Journal. Customer reviews indicate that the company does not exaggerate when it comes to just how supportive this is, especially if you sleep on your side or have neck and head pain.

The Bottom Line

Nolah Mattresses are not for everyone — but that's not what they're made for either. If you find that you get really hot when you're sleeping, if you prefer sleeping on your side, or if you have any kind of body, neck or head pain that you feel is caused by your sleep position, the Nolah mattress is definitely something you should try. It's less expensive than many competitors and offers support and pain relief that are hard to beat.