Leesa Review

Leesa, a mattress company founded in 2015, is on a mission far greater than creating one of the most comfortable and universally supportive mattresses around. While this is certainly an admirable goal—and their 17,000+ five-star reviews would certainly indicate that they’re well on their way to achieving it—Leesa is instead focused on a greater mission to cure what they call “bedlessness.” Bedlessness refers to the growing problem of more and more children not having access to a safe place to sleep at night—a problem that Leesa is trying to solve by donating a bed to a child in need for every 10 sold.

And it’s largely this larger-than-me approach to business—further showcased by Leesa’s B corp. certification—that separates Leesa from other mattress companies. That and their free delivery, 100-night, risk-free trial, completely American manufacturing process and 10-year warranty.

What kinds of mattresses does Leesa offer?

Leesa offers four kinds of mattresses: two foam and two hybrid.

The Studio by Leesa and the Leesa Original Mattress are both foam mattresses. The Studio by Leesa is the most affordable of the entire mattress collection and is made of three layers of premium foam. The Leesa Original Mattress is nearly the same, but the memory foam that’s on the top layer of the Leesa Studio mattress has been moved to the middle of the mattress for less of a “sinking” feeling when laid on. The Leesa Original also has a beautifully-crafted, soft, seamless cover.

Leesa’s hybrid mattresses are the Leesa Hybrid Mattress and the Leesa Legend Mattress.

The 11” Leesa Hybrid Mattress is a combination of premium foam and individually-wrapped pocket spring coils for enhanced pressure relief and support. It also features Leesa’s soft quilted fabric cover. This is a white and gray quilted cover that’s plush, cozy and beautiful.

The 12” Leesa Legend Mattress is made with premium foam, a layer of individually-wrapped pocket springs and a layer of micro-pocket springs for targeted support. It features a cover made from organic cotton, Merino wool and fiber from recycled materials for a hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cover that will wick moisture away.

With four mattresses to choose from, Leesa attempts to make the selection process easier by offering plenty of free resources–such as a Mattress Buying Guide–to help you choose the mattress that’s right for you. They also have a customer service team you can contact for some human advice.

Once you’ve chosen your mattress, Leesa will ship it to you for free within 3-7 days.

How compatible are Leesa mattresses?

Leesa mattresses are compatible with most solid platforms, boxes, foundations, traditional box springs and slatted bases. In fact, unlike many of its competitors, Leesa conveniently makes clear the best options to support your Leesa mattress, which include:

What accessories does Leesa offer?

Leesa offers just about every kind of accessory you would need to complete your bedroom set, including:

Are Leesa mattresses sustainable?

One of Leesa’s most impressive qualities is their donation program, wherein they donate one mattress to children and families in need for every 10 mattresses purchased. As of publishing, Leesa has donated over 37,000 mattresses—all of which are made to order for each child and designed at the perfect height for bunk beds.

Beyond this, Leesa is also B Corp certified, meaning that they meet “the highest environmental and social standards and use their business as a force for good.”

Similarly, Leesa’s mattresses are all CertiPUR-US ®-Certified, meaning that they’re:

This commitment to sustainability is also reflected in their company headquarters, which runs on renewable energy.

For those interested in learning about all the ways in which Leesa practices sustainability and gives back to their communities, you can actually read Leesa’s yearly Impact Reports on their website.

Does Leesa offer a free trial?

Leesa offers two ways for customers to try their mattresses. The first is trying one in-store at one of the 88+ West Elm stores that offer Leesa mattresses. The other is to use Leesa’s 100-night risk-free trial.

With their trial, you can get your mattress shipped to your door for free, try it out for over three months in the comfort of your own home and, if you’re not happy, return it for a full refund.

How much do Leesa mattresses cost?

The cost of your Leesa mattress will depend on what size and kind of mattress you choose. We’ve listed the details below:

Studio by Leesa

Leesa Original Mattress

Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Leesa Legend Mattress

Note: Those who qualify can choose to pay in multiple installments instead of all at once.

If you want to add a base for your mattress, you can expect to pay anywhere from an additional $129 (for a regular bed frame) to $2,299 9 (for an adjustable base), depending on what kind of base you choose. The same goes for accessories, which range from $69 (for a mattress protector) to $199 (for a mattress topper.)

With every mattress purchase, you also get a 10 Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty. This means that if your mattress develops a covered defect within its first 10 years that is covered under the warranty, Leesa will replace or repair it.


If you like comfort, support, generous warranties and helping in-need children and families be able to sleep safely and comfortably, then buying a mattress from Leesa and supporting their charitable business model is the way to go. They offer plenty of variety within their four-mattress selection, as well as resources and human support to help you choose the best mattress for your needs. And with a 100-night at-home trial, you can even try out their mattresses risk-free from the comfort of your own bedroom.

There’s not much else to say other than the fact that Leesa has blazed a sustainable, charitable, and eco-friendly without any additional costs to their customers. What’s not to like?