Haven Mattress Review

Haven is an online mattress company that sells to customers all across the United States. Not only are their mattresses designed in the U.S, but they’re also manufactured in the U.S — South Carolina, to be specific.

The company sells two models: the 12” Haven Premier and the 14” Haven Boutique. Both mattresses are gel foam mattresses, but the Haven Boutique’s extra layers and more premium materials make it suitable for a wider array of sleep positions. Haven also sells a large selection of sleep accessories, including pillows, mattress covers, sheets, and frames.

What Kinds of Mattresses Does Haven Offer?

Customers can choose from two Haven mattresses, the Haven Premier and the Haven Boutique. While the Haven Premier is more affordable, it lacks 2 inches in height, extra thermal cooling, and 50 GSM compared to the higher-quality Haven Boutique.

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and is a measurement of how thick and comfortable the fabric inside a mattress is. Therefore, generally speaking, the higher the GSM, the more comfortable you can expect your mattress to be. Because the Boutique has 500 GSM compared to the Premier’s 450 GSM (which is still higher than the majority of mattresses offered by Haven’s competitors), most people will find the Boutique to be more comfortable — and more accommodating to a wider variety of sleeping positions.

Fortunately, to make choosing the right mattress easier for you, Haven offers a simple chart explaining the differences between the Premier and the Boutique. We’ve got the details below:

MattressHaven PremierHaven Boutique
What's the difference?Haven's most affordable, accessible, 5-star gel foam mattressThe most luxurious premium, luxury gel foam mattress on the market
Who does it suit?Perfect for back sleepers and those who like a little extra firmnessPerfect for back, tummy, and side sleepers who like a softer feel
Textile Details450 GSM+ quilted top layer500 GMS+ quilted top layer: softer finish and extra cooling

According to Haven’s website, on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, you can expect both mattresses to fill somewhere between 5 and 7, depending on your size.

Upon purchasing your mattress, you can expect it to be delivered within 4-10 business days depending on where you’re located (Queen and King mattresses may take a little longer). You’re also provided with a tracking code to stay up to date on your mattress’s whereabouts and to know when you can expect it to arrive.

How Compatible Are Haven Mattresses?

While your Haven mattresses will naturally work best with a Haven base, they will work on any hard surface, whether that’s a box spring, foundation, slats, platform bed, or an adjustable base.

Plus, to help you choose a mattress that works for your specific body and needs — and that’s compatible with your existing frame (if you’re not buying a new one) — Haven conveniently offers a Size Guide for its mattresses, but also for its pillows, sheets, and bed bases.

What Accessories Does Haven Offer?

Apart from mattresses, Haven also offers a plethora of sleep-related accessories. These accessories include:

With both mattresses and accessories covered, you can effectively use Haven to furnish your bedroom in its entirety.

Are Haven Mattresses Sustainable?

Haven only uses top quality materials in their mattresses — materials that are both sustainable and harm-free. For example, the 100% natural cotton, fire-resistant barrier used in their mattresses is no petroleum-based synthetic nylon or polyester and is free of carcinogenic chemicals, gases, toxins, HCN, HCI, and Bromine.

Due to this prioritization of higher quality materials and the fact that Haven mattresses are not packed a long time prior to arrival at your home, there is minimal-to-no off-gassing — something that is all-too-common among other online mattress retailers.

Does Haven Offer a Free Trial?

Marketing itself as “America’s Longest Risk-Free Sleep Trial”, Haven’s sleep trial lasts a whopping 18 months — or 548 nights. If at any point after 30 nights of sleeping on your Haven mattress you decide you’re not satisfied, simply contact their customer service team. Not only will their team arrange to pick up your mattress free of charge, but they’ll also refund your purchase without any restocking costs or hidden fees.

How Much Do Haven Mattresses Cost?

How much you pay for your Haven mattress will depend on which model you choose, as well as which size you require. For a full price breakdown, see below:

Haven Premier Mattress:

Haven Boutique Mattress:

Haven also offers financing options for approved buyers who choose not to pay in full upfront. Through this financing, you can pay as little as $11 per month for your mattress. This financing option also applies to Haven’s accessories, which range from $95 for Luxury Sateen Bed Sheets to $1670 for a King-sized Adjustable Base Premium.

With your purchase of a mattress, you’ll also benefit from Haven’s Warranty Without End™. This warranty protects from manufacturing- or material-related issues, including excessive sag and body impression from everyday use. If any of these issues happen at any point in your mattress’s lifetime, Haven will repair or replace it free of charge.

A quality mattress company should give you enough time to test out a mattress before committing, use only harm-free and sustainable materials in their manufacturing, and stand by their mattresses in the form of an extensive warranty. Fortunately, Haven checks all of these boxes.

Their two-mattress selection makes it easy to quickly identify which one is right for you, their 18-month at-home sleep trial provides more than enough time to make an educated decision about whether or not a specific mattress is right for you, and you can get your mattress repaired or replaced at any time during your ownership if it suffers from manufacturing- or material-related issues.

Plus, through their financing option, Haven’s mattresses are accessible to just about anyone, regardless of budget. To see if Haven’s mattresses are right for your sleep needs, visit their site and see if you’re ready to start your 548-night at-home trial today.