Amerisleep Review

Founded in 2010, Amerisleep is one of the first mattress companies to make buying a mattress before trying it appealing to customers, largely through offering such features as free shipping and a generous at-home trial—a feature that has since come to be expected from mattress companies.

This trailblazing also applies to their manufacturing—employing a unique foam manufacturing process that includes their breathable, responsive, and eco-friendly Bio-Pur® material.

Over the course of its ten years in operation, Amerisleep has sold their mattresses to hundreds of thousands of customers across the contiguous USA and garnered over 15,000 reviews, currently holding an average rating of 4.7/5 from its customers.

What kinds of mattresses does Amerisleep offer?

Amerisleep offers five basic mattresses ranging from the soft to the firm end of the spectrum.

While all mattresses feature Amerisleep’s FDA-determined Celliant® cover—a soft and ultra-breathable cover to help prevent overheating and increase local circulation for deeper sleep and faster recovery—there are significant differences between the different kinds of mattresses. These differences largely relate to what versions of the mattress are available (memory foam, hybrid, or both), their firmness (ranging from Firm to Soft) and what’s inside each of the mattresses’ layers.

To be able to understand the differences in layers, it’s helpful to first understand the different patented materials used by Amerisleep and how they help you sleep.

These materials include:

Amerisleep also offers another kind of mattress called Organica, an organic latex mattress made without any harmful chemicals or unnatural additives. This mattress is recommended for people who prefer more of a “springy,” “buoyant,” or “bouncy” feeling to their mattress compared to the more “hugging”, “sinking” or “body-forming” feeling of memory foam more typical of their A series mattresses.

And while all Amerisleep mattresses incorporate design choices and materials to help you sleep cooler, due to the fact that you don’t sink as much on a latex mattress, the Organica is especially ideal for people who want to stay as cool as possible while they sleep.

So that’s a lot of mattresses to choose from. If you’re not sure which mattress is right for you, you can consult at most of Amerisleep’s retail locations with Certified Sleep Science Coaches to help you settle on the best mattress for your sleep needs. And for those who can’t make it to a retail location, Amerisleep offers plenty of helpful resources on their blog, including detailed guides explaining what kinds of people will benefit best from which mattresses.

Once you finally settle on a mattress and have it shipped for free to your home, setting it up is as simple as taking its box to your bedroom, removing the rolled-up mattress from the box, positioning it wherever you want, cutting open the bag compressing your mattress and letting it expand to its full size. That’s it!

How compatible are Amerisleep mattresses?

Amerisleep conveniently lists all the frames with which their mattresses are compatible, including:

Box springs aren’t recommended because beds with foam layers, like Amerisleep mattresses, can experience premature wear, tear, and unexpected damage when paired with box springs—mostly due to not offering the even, sturdy support foam beds need.

Amerisleep also offers its own foundations for customers who don’t already have one or are worried about incompatibility.

What accessories does Amerisleep offer?

Amerisleep operates as a one-stop-shop for all your bedroom needs. Beyond mattresses, they also offer bed bases, bedding, and pillows. The specifics are listed below.

Are Amerisleep mattresses sustainable?

Amerisleep makes a serious effort to reduce the size of their carbon footprint. For one, all of their mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US®, meaning that their mattresses are:

Having low VOCs also results in Amerisleep’s mattresses having less of a “memory foam smell” than other foam products not made using similar, eco-friendly processes.

And we mentioned earlier, Amerisleep also offers Organica, a mattress made without any harmful chemicals or unnatural additives using organic cotton, latex, and wool. Beyond being certified by CertiPUR-US®, Organica is also:

Does Amerisleep offer a free trial?

Amerisleep allows customers to try out their chosen mattress at home for 100 nights as part of their risk-free sleep trial. If you decide within your trial that you’re not feeling it, you can send it back for a complete refund. They’ll even arrange for one of their local partners to pick up and recycle your mattress.

How much do Amerisleep mattresses cost?

Amerisleep’s pricing varies depending on the type, size, and version of mattress. Mattresses increase in price as they get softer since they have more layers of materials to cushion you.

AS1 (Firm Feel)

AS2 (Medium Firm Feel)

AS3 (Medium Feel)

AS4 (Medium Soft Feel)

AS5 (Soft Feel)

A hybrid version is available for the AS2AS3, and AS5 mattresses. These feature pocketed coils to for extra comfort and support. These hybrid mattresses are an additional $200 beyond the standard model, with the exception of the Split King hybrids, which are an additional $400.

With your purchase, you’ll get free shipping and a very generous 20-year warranty, starting from the day you buy your mattress. The first ten years is a full replacement warranty, meaning that your mattress will be replaced due to defects, faulty workmanship or structural defects; the 10 years after that is a prorated warranty, meaning that Amerisleep will still replace your mattress, but the cost of replacing your mattress will be 50 percent of the original purchase price.


Amerisleep was the first mattress company to introduce what has now become standard among online mattress companies; namely, their 100-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty, eco-friendly manufacturing, high-quality, patented materials and plenty of available customization among their mattress selection. And to avoid having their selection seem overwhelming to customers, Amerisleep offers Certified Sleep Science Coaches and plenty of free online resources to help you choose the best mattress for your sleep needs.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality mattress with free shipping, full refunds for unsatisfied sleepers, and returned mattresses being donated or recycled locally, there’s really nothing stopping you from giving Amerisleep’s trial a whirl.