What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress employs two or more support systems, typically an innerspring system with layers of memory foam, latex, or gel to provide sleepers with both the pressure relief of the foam layers and the sturdy feel of a classic spring mattress.

Hybrid beds usually last around seven to ten years — more if taken care of correctly. Variables that affect the durability include the foundation you use, how well you protect your mattress, the manufacturing quality, how often you use it and how well you adhere to any specific instructions outlined in the mattress’s documentation.

What’s inside of a Hybrid Mattress?

Inside a hybrid mattress, you’ll typically find memory foam and an innerspring system. If you’ve ever seen that commercial with the bowling ball and glass of red wine, you know the benefits of memory foam. Apart from the motion isolation displayed in the commercial — not feeling your partner move around or get up in the middle of the night — memory foam also provides incredible pressure relief and spinal alignment benefits.

This memory foam is then combined with an innerspring system, similar to what you would find in a traditional spring mattress. This not only ensures that you don’t “sink” into your hybrid mattress, as many people complain about with strictly memory foam mattresses, but it also gives the hybrid mattresses a more traditional mattress shape so that you can use it with common bed frames.

More specifically, here’s a breakdown of what’s inside a typical hybrid mattress:

How Do Hybrid Mattresses Compare to Other Mattresses?

Hybrid mattress vs. memory foam mattress

As described above, memory foam mattresses use layers of foam that react to body heat and pressure to mold to the curves of your body. The foam also absorbs excess motion, allowing you to sleep better through your partner’s motion throughout the night.

As great as memory foam is, mattresses with only memory foam often make people feel like they are sinking into the material. To counteract this, hybrid mattresses combine memory foam with an innerspring system to allow your mattress to form around your body without feeling like you’re sinking. These innerspring systems also add more durability, giving hybrids a longer comfort life than memory foam beds.

Hybrid mattress vs. gel mattress

Gel mattresses contain both gel and foam. Unlike memory foam, gel mattresses infuse the liquid gel into the foam. While this helps to keep you cool as you sleep, it can also present similar issues to memory foam mattresses, namely, causing you to feel like you’re sinking into your bed.

Hybrid mattresses do away with this sinking feeling by propping up foam or gel support systems with innerspring systems.

How Do You Set up a Hybrid Mattress?

The nice thing about hybrid mattresses is that most don’t even require you to use a box spring; you can simply place them on slatted platform beds. Although you can still use box springs if you prefer (for extra height, for example).

However, it’s still important to check any documentation that comes with your hybrid mattress as some manufacturers require the use of a box spring or other specific foundations.

Who Is a Hybrid Mattress for?

Hybrid beds are available in a wide array of different comfort levels and price points, making them suitable for just about anyone looking to get a good night’s sleep.

Specifically, they’re a great option for people with back pain as the design of most hybrids works to cushion spinal points, raise the hips, and relax your muscles and ligaments. The memory foam helps make sure that there are no gaps between you and the mattress — which is essential for back support — and the springs ensure that the memory foam doesn’t form to your body too well and you don’t wake up drowning and sweating in your mattress.

Speaking of sweating, hybrids can also be a great option for people who tend to get too hot during the night. Due to the way they’re made, hybrid beds often sleep cooler than other types of mattresses, as the innerspring allows for better airflow, allowing heat to flow out.

How Much Does a Hybrid Mattress Cost?

Different manufacturers offer their hybrids at different price points, and how much you pay for your hybrid mattress will depend on the size of it, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $1095 for a Twin to $2995 for a King.

However, as with traditional mattresses, many manufacturers allow you to pay in monthly increments as opposed to all at once. You can also usually find plenty of discounts if you shop around a little.