National Family Assurance Review

The National Family Assurance Corporation is a fully licensed insurance agency that primarily operates via an online marketplace. It matches customers with policies from top providers. The company is part of the Seattle-based Assurance group of companies. Its primary mission is to leverage the power of data science and technology to make it easy and convenient for customers to shop for insurance. Beyond life insurance, the Assurance network also finds auto insurance, home insurance, and more.

An alumnus of MIT and former MassMutual employee, CEO Michael Rowell co-founded Assurance with company president Mike Paulus, who comes from a background in fintech. Together, Rowell and Paulus developed an online marketplace that merges tech tools with the human touch of a caring company. As a result, they created a reliable insurance agency that can save customers both time and money.

Pros and Cons of National Family Assurance



What Does National Family Assurance Offer?

National Family Assurance is a licensed agency that sells policies on behalf of its partner providers. Since providers determine policy details themselves, they can vary widely. However, because National Family Assurance maintains relationships with multiple leading companies, its life insurance lineup is incredibly complete. Customers can choose from:

Term life coverage

These plans provide coverage for a specified term, measured in years, paying out benefits if the policyholder passes away before the plan expires. National Family Assurance offers 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, and 30-year terms that provide death benefits ranging from $50,000 to $1 million.

Whole life coverage

Also known as permanent life insurance, whole life policies deliver lifelong protection that never expires so long as premiums remain up to date. National Family Assurance provides a wide range of whole life products that have a useful cash value component.

Universal life coverage

These specialized whole life policies offer an investment savings aspect. So, their cash value can be accelerated by tying the policy to stock market index performance. They tend to come with flexible premiums compared to standard permanent life insurance policies.

Final expenses coverage

This type of coverage provides a modest cash payout intended to cover the policyholder’s final expenses, including funeral and burial costs. Since these policies are modestly priced, they can provide excellent peace of mind for affordable premiums.


The company also offers many riders, including:

Some riders affect the price of the policy, while others are included at no extra cost (as determined by the end provider).

Terms and conditions

Since National Family Assurance acts as an agency rather than a direct provider, it’s difficult to generalize about terms and conditions. The end company sets eligibility, terms, limitations, exclusions, and conditions. So, details vary from one policy to another.

However, National Family Assurance does make the following features standard:

While customers can shop for, finalize, and purchase life insurance policies entirely online, National Family Assurance also maintains a large network of customer service representatives and licensed sales agents. Customers can reach out for telephone assistance at any time to ask detailed questions about policy particulars.

What To Expect on the Site

National Family Assurance uses a simple online form in order to find life insurance policies that fit your needs. This form asks a handful of questions, including:

Then, National Family Assurance asks for your email address so it can send you a custom quote. Simple as that!


While we can’t say what the price of your policy will be, National Family Assurance says that plans start from $15 a month. As with any life insurance platform, your price will vary depending on several factors. For example, the details of your policy (term and coverage amount) and facts about you (health, age, and lifestyle) impact how much you’ll ultimately pay. Although this is true, National Family Assurance’s quote process makes it quick and easy to get a custom quote.

The Bottom Line

National Family Assurance could be a good option for eligible customers who want a fast, efficient way to access a wide range of life insurance options. Since its site is built to appeal to digital natives, tech-savvy users will likely enjoy the streamlined online application process. For this reason, those looking to purchase a life insurance policy online may want to include National Family Assurance in their search for top life insurance companies.