Company Overview: is an online marketplace that offers the full gamut of insurance products – health, life, home, and auto insurance policies. Backed by Assurance I.Q., connects its customers with industry-leading insurance providers such as AIG Direct, Mutual of Omaha, Nationwide and Allstate.

Consumers should think of as a one-stop shop for all their insurance needs, or as a digital insurance broker. The website is simple and intuitive to use, and it provides people with a variety of insurance quotes from different companies in short order.

What Offers: and its employees are licensed to sell insurance in all 50 U.S. states. They sell products from all the major American insurance companies, including AAA Life, Allstate, American National, New York Life, Globe Life, AIG Direct, Liberty Mutual, Mutual of Omaha, and Nationwide, among other companies with excellent financial ratings. is particularly known for its life insurance products, notably term, whole, universal, and final expense life insurance options from leading carriers. One of the company’s most popular products is the “Term Life & Final Expense” policy that is underwritten by the Lumico Life Insurance Company. However, is not focused solely on life insurance products.

The company also provides its clientele with health insurance, Medicare, automotive insurance, home insurance, and even pet insurance. Additionally, facilitates mortgages and refinances from reputable banks and lenders such as the AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation. Through people can arrange to get a home equity line of credit, a business or automotive loan and a personal loan. Taken together, the insurance and mortgage / loan sides of the business make a one-stop shop for any person’s financial needs.

Process and Requirements:

Maximum term life insurance coverage through can range from $50,000 to $10 million, with guaranteed approval up to the age of 85. Customers can also add several additional riders to their life insurance policy, including:

The application process for’s various insurance policies and loans is very straightforward and uncomplicated. Consumers can complete an application completely online if they choose. Customer service representatives are also available by phone if people need help or want to discuss their options with someone at the company. The online application process really is simple. Customers need only to follow a set of guided questions asking about their age, height, weight, whether they are a smoker, and their overall health, as well as their current address.

Once the insurance application is completed, customers receive a life insurance quote by email. There’s no information online about whether or not customers need to get a health check or how long it takes until their coverage is in place and actually begins as this will vary from plan to plan. It is worth noting though that, depending on a person’s age, most insurance companies do require a health check from a licensed physician before issuing a life or health insurance policy. Also, customers will need to complete the application form in order to see actual insurance rates or quotes.

While’s application process is easy and intuitive to use, the website offers very little practical information and the Frequently Asked Questions section is somewhat thin. Once a policy is in place, customers can log into their personal customer platform to access more information and support. But most of the information is only accessible once an insurance policy or loan is in place.


There is no cost to using gets paid by insurers and lenders for sending business their way. Actual insurance policy costs vary depending on several factors. For life insurance, as an example, the cost of the policy depends on a person’s age, medical and family history, overall health, and home environment, among others. With so many factors at play, it is difficult to say how much an insurance policy will ultimately cost. It is best for consumers to compare quotes. However, as mentioned, there is no cost to use’s service.



What Others Are Saying: has a number of very good reviews. The company currently has a Better Business Bureau rating of “A+” and a Trustpilot score of 7.7, which is considered to be “great.” Like most online insurance brokers, there are some customer complaints to be found, but these mostly concern unsatisfactory insurance quotes or are from people who were turned down for a loan.

The Bottom Line: offers most of the major insurance products, ranging from life to health to pet insurance, as well as a variety of personal and home loans. The application process is easy and simple to use. Customers can receive quotes in a matter of minutes.

Overall, makes it extremely straightforward and easy to secure insurance or a loan. If there is one quibble about the company it is the lack of information about eligibility requirements, policy terms, and rates on its website. And, while people can talk to a customer service representative, they have to go out of their way to make this happen. The application process is really geared towards online use. However, these are small complaints in what is otherwise a smooth process. is worth checking out.