American National Review

American National is a major insurance provider that offers personal and business coverage in a complete range of areas. Life insurance ranks among the company’s most popular products, and American National is a fantastic choice for consumers seeking a wide range of options. Its lineup of life insurance products is one of the most complete you’ll find on the market, and the well-established company has earned an excellent reputation for reliability.

Company information

With a legacy dating back more than a century, American National is one of the oldest continuously operating insurance companies in the United States. In some regions, it is better-known under the name ANICO, which is short for “American National Insurance Company.”

The American National story began in 1905, when cotton farmer William Moody, Jr. opened an insurance office in Galveston, Texas. Moody’s goal was to provide hardworking families with basic insurance products at affordable prices, and the company’s simple but effective business model caught on fast. Thriving through the difficult years of the Great Depression, American National continued to grow. It evolved into a regional provider, then a national one.

Today, American National operates in all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the federal territories of Puerto Rico and American Samoa. Its workforce includes more than 3,000 people, and the company has about five million active and satisfied customers.

Life insurance plans

One of American National’s greatest strength is the depth of choice it offers. The company’s range of life insurance products is second to none, and includes coverage options in the following categories:

American National goes to great lengths to make sure it matches customers to the right insurance products for their situations. So, while customers are able to shop online to meet their coverage needs, live customer service representatives are more than happy to help you navigate your many options.

Terms and conditions

Because American National prides itself on meeting consumers’ needs at all stages of life, people of all ages are welcome to apply for its life insurance products. However, as with any insurer, your coverage limits, premiums, and eligibility are all tied to factors like your age and health status. American National maintains more flexible policies in this regard than many of its competitors, but there are a few particulars you should be aware of:

Note that American National’s Xpress plans are available even to people with less-than-optimal health. Applicants can qualify without a medical exam by submitting requested health records for the company’s representatives to review. This is very rare in the insurance industry, especially for a major nationwide provider.

Pros and cons

No insurance company can rightfully claim they are the best option for everyone. All insurers have advantages and drawbacks, with pros and cons applying more to certain groups of consumers than others.

Here’s where American National excels:

On the flip side, American National’s limitations include:

The verdict

If you’re an adult in excellent physical condition and you’re seeking low-cost life insurance that delivers excellent benefits, there are specialized providers out there who are likely better able to meet your needs. American National’s market niche caters more to those whose health histories make it difficult to secure affordable coverage with no medical exams.

On the flip side, American National is very hard to beat if your lifestyle or health history includes risk factors that usually disqualify you from “no medical exam” coverage. It is also a fantastic option for consumers seeking a wide range of affordable choices, as the company’s product lineup is second to none.

Our verdict: American National is a strong option that will deliver excellent value to most consumers.