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The Top Identity Theft Protection Companies

Identity theft is one of the biggest, most pressing problems today. Every two seconds, an identity is stolen. And in 2018, nearly 17 million U.S. citizens were victims of identity theft, creating losses of more than $16 billion.

As we head online increasingly more, we’re putting our most important personal information at risk. Shopping online, banking online, and even browsing emails online can all put you at risk of becoming the next victim of identity theft.

And it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to protect yourself from this invasive online crime. More and more companies, like Capital One and Equifax, are seeing data breaches that expose customers’ personal information to hackers. So how can you keep your own identity from falling into criminals’ hands?

Identity theft protection services are perhaps the best option.

How Identity Theft Protection Works

Identity theft protection services aim to keep you – and your personal information – safe with consistent, careful monitoring.

Identity theft protection companies typically protect your identity in three ways:

  1. Monitoring Your Information. These services will scan your credit report, your online activity, and any new accounts or inquiries that open using your information.
  2. Instant Alerts. These services will immediately send you an alert if your information is used anywhere online. This allows you to verify if you were the one using it – or if your identity may be compromised.
  3. Recovery, if Crime Happens. Should your identity be stolen, these services will help you recover lost money and repair the damage that’s done. Most offer insurance policies up to $1 million.

In addition to these three areas of protection, identity theft services also offer in-depth coverage for many different realms online. These services aim to protect every type of information that hackers might want to access – and this means you’ll be protected in every corner of the web.

Typically, identity theft protection services will offer the following services:

And, on top of these benefits, you’ll enjoy reimbursement policies and insurance – should anything happen. You’ll have all the security you need to rest easy when you’re online, and you’ll be protected by experts if your identity is compromised.

The Cost of Identity Theft Protection

Protecting yourself with an identity theft protection service doesn’t have to cost much. In fact, it can be as little as a monthly Netflix subscription, or a couple of cups of coffee each month.

Some of the most popular names in identity theft protection charge just $10 per month. If you’d like more in-depth coverage and protection, you can choose a premium plan for approximately $20 per month.

And it’s also easy – and affordable – to protect your entire family. Many identity theft protection services offer family plans so you can keep everyone’s information safe. Additionally, some offer special plans to protect the most vulnerable: children and the elderly.

Are Identity Theft Protection Services Really Secure?

Of course, one of the most important questions to ask before you decide on an identity protection service is this: does it really work? Will paying a monitoring service really keep your information safe?

Although no one can stop identity theft, these services do an excellent job at catching the crime before it spirals out of control. By constantly monitoring your information online, these services can find the very first instance of identity theft – and they can lock down the rest of your information to prevent the attack from growing.

And the protection that identity monitoring offers can be a huge help should the worst happen. You’ll have the protection and security of insurance, a team of recovery specialists, and support from your identity protection service. And recovery will be possible.

So, if you’re worried about the constantly increasing risk of identity theft, it’s time to protect yourself. And there’s no better way to do that than by placing your information in the hands of an expert monitoring team – one of the top identity theft protection services.