ServicePlus Home Warranty Review

ServicePlus Home Warranty, based in Edison, New Jersey, offers warranty plans which provide homeowners with repair services and replacement coverage for household appliances and systems. In this article, we review ServicePlus Home Warranty and what they have to offer.

Pros and Cons of ServicePlus Home Warranty



What Does ServicePlus Home Warranty Offer?

ServicePlus Home Warranty’s two warranty plans are called “Gold” and “Platinum.” The Gold plan is the more basic plan and provides coverage for 15 systems and appliances. The higher-end Platinum plan is a more comprehensive offering and extends warranty coverage to 20 household systems and appliances.

Items covered under the Platinum plan include:

The Gold plan offered by ServicePlus Home Warranty offers all of the items covered under the Platinum plan with the exception of the air conditioning system, heating system, refrigerator, washer and dryer.

As is the case with most home warranty companies, ServicePlus Home Warranty offers optional add-on coverage for items such as swimming pools and hot tubs. Customers who want coverage for more than one of the same systems or appliances, such as two refrigerators, can do so by purchasing add-on coverage. Optional add-on coverage is available for purchase 30 days after the first payment. Costs for optional add-on items are as follows:

How Coverage Works:

ServicePlus Home Warranty offers a “repair guarantee,” which includes a 90-day parts and 30-day labor warranty. So if a repair or replacement fails during that period due to faulty workmanship or parts, the company will fix it again without charging an additional fee for the service call.

If a repair is deemed to not be covered under the warranty, ServicePlus Home Warranty allows customers to obtain a second opinion from another service contractor within seven days and will reconsider the repair request based on that second opinion. Customers must pay a service fee again if the outcome of the second opinion ends in a coverage denial though. This type of repair guarantee is rare among home warranty companies.

What’s Not Covered: 

No home warranty company covers everything and ServicePlus Home Warranty is no exception. Certain household systems and appliances aren’t covered and there are coverage restrictions within the items included in the company’s Gold and Platinum plans. Examples of exclusions from ServicePlus Home Warranty include:

Additionally, ServicePlus Home Warranty will not cover items that malfunction due to rust, corrosion, lack of maintenance, chemical or sedimentary build-up, collapsed ductwork, lightning strikes, missing parts, animal, pet or pest damage, power failures, power surges or any natural disasters. Problems attributed to mold or mildew, viruses, bacteria or fungus are also not covered.


The ServicePlus Home Warranty plan starts at $550 a year ($45.83 per month) and the Gold plan starts at $500 per year ($41.66 per month). The exact pricing can vary depending on which state you live in and if any optional add-ons are included. The square footage of a home is also factored into pricing. You can get a quote for your home from ServicePlus Home Warranty.

ServicePlus Home Warranty also allows customers to lock in a discounted yearly rate if they choose to purchase a multi-year contract. In addition to a monthly charge, ServicePlus Home Warranty charges a $75 service fee per claim or visit to a house, a common practice in the industry. This fee is charged on every service request, even if the coverage is denied. These types of service fees are standard among home warranty companies.

Other Information and Conditions:

In addition to the coverage exclusions mentioned, ServicePlus Home Warranty also places annual payout caps on the appliances and systems its covers. These caps limit the dollar amount a company is liable to pay for the repair and replacement of a particular home system and/or appliance. ServicePlus Home Warranty has a per contract cap of $1,500 for access, diagnosis, repair, and/or replacement of covered items. Here’s a breakdown of the maximum payout limits for certain systems and appliances:

The Bottom Line:

ServicePlus Home Warranty provides similar home warranty coverage at comparable prices to its competitors and has a solid network of contractors to draw from. While ServicePlus Home Warranty is not the cheapest home warranty company available, it does offer some unique features that may be appealing such as a “repair guarantee” and the ability to get a second opinion when a claim is denied. ServicePlus Home Warranty is certainly worth a look if you’re looking for a home warranty.