The Home Service Club Review

Being a homeowner comes with plenty of expenses, whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have owned your home for some time now. One way to save money on critical repairs and appliance costs? A home warranty that protects the most important appliances, systems, and pieces of your home. And that’s exactly what the Home Service Club can offer you.

Operating as a home warranty company in 48 U.S. states since 2008, the Home Service Club is an established and reputable choice. The Home Service Club offers a number of different home warranty options. And each one can help homeowners save time and money. With a number of wide-ranging plans with inclusive coverage and flexible warranty options, the Home Service Club works with contractors to ensure your appliances and home systems are well cared for.

Pros and Cons of Home Service Club



What Does Home Service Club Offer?

The Home Service Club offers a few different warranty plans – and each one is able to be customized to include the coverage you need and want. There are certain systems and appliances that are covered under basic levels of warranty, including the following:

If you’re looking for a home warranty that includes coverage beyond this list, the Home Service Club does offer add-on coverage. Add-on items include the following:

With a home warranty through the Home Service Club, you’ll be able to easily manage your coverage and make changes, file a claim, and schedule service visits both online and over the phone.

Coverage and Warranty Plans

Generally, the Home Service Club lets customers choose between two types of home warranty coverage:

  1. Standard coverage
  2. Comprehensive coverage

Standard coverage includes the basic list of systems and appliances mentioned above. Comprehensive includes additional items, and can include appliances and systems that are outside of your home. Even if you’re looking to save money by opting for a home warranty with standard coverage, you’ll still enjoy peace of mind with coverage for plenty of commonly used, highly important appliances.

And one of the biggest benefits in choosing the Home Service Club for your home warranty is flexibility. Homeowners don’t have to settle for coverage that doesn’t meet their needs. The Home Service Club lets you create a warranty plan that works for you. You can add items, remove items, and ensure you’re getting the most optimal coverage possible. All you need to do is speak with a representative.

In this flexibility, you’re able to get coverage for items that other home warranties don’t cover. For example, sprinkler systems and gas lines are often excluded from home warranties – and so are leaky roofs and pool and spa equipment. With the Home Service Club, you can add these extras. And real estate professionals can get exclusive 3-year packages that others can’t offer.


To get exact pricing on a home warranty from the Home Service Club, you’ll need to contact the company and get a free quote. You can either get a free quote online or over the phone.

Generally, pricing for each home warranty depends on the area you live in, the size of your property, and the level of coverage you choose. This means that rates and prices from the Home Service Club are customized to you and your home.

You can expect to pay about $500 per year for a basic home warranty, and approximately $750 per year for comprehensive coverage. Premiums can be paid annually or monthly.

The Home Service Club does charge service fees, which are due whenever a contractor arrives at your home to perform a repair or assess a problem. These one-time fees can range from $65 to $125 per visit, and the price depends on your warranty and contract.

Claims and Service

When you purchase a home warranty from the Home Service Club, there is a waiting period before your coverage kicks in. But, unlike competitors, the Home Service Club only makes new customers wait for 10 days. That’s much shorter than the industry standard of an entire month – meaning you’re covered faster.

If you do experience a problem with the appliances or systems covered under your home warranty, you can easily and quickly get in touch with the Home Service Club customer service team. You can either file a claim and make a service request online or over the phone.

All warranties under the Home Service Club do have annual caps. Heating and air conditioning systems, for example, have a yearly cap of $2,500 in repairs or replacement parts. Water heaters and electrical systems each have a $500 cap. It’s important to keep these caps in mind when making service calls and assessing your costs. Once you exceed your limit for the year, you aren’t eligible for any more services.

What People Are Saying About Home Service Club

Home Service Club has a 4.2 rating on Trustpilot out of nearly 500 reviews. In fact, over 80% of customers rate the company as “Excellent.” They also have 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google reviews out of nearly 6,000 reviews.

The Bottom Line

With well over a decade in the industry, Home Service Club is a reputable choice for a home warranty. They offer flexible coverage plans, which include items that aren’t always standard in the industry. Another unique feature is the short, 10-day waiting period for the start of coverage once you sign up. If you’re in the market for a home warranty, Home Service Club is worthy of your consideration. Quotes are available online or over the phone.