Harmony Home Warranty Review

Company Overview:

Harmony Home Warranty is a New York-based company that provides combination home warranty plans covering major systems and appliances to homeowners in all 50 U.S. states.

The company offers two main packages for homeowners to choose from and gives people some limited room to customize their policy with add-on coverage at an additional cost. The packages provided by Harmony Home Warranty provide coverage for major systems and appliances. As is the case with all home warranty providers, there are some notable exclusions included in the contracts offered by Harmony Home Warranty.

Here is a look at Harmony Home Warranty and what it offers to consumers.

Warranty Coverage:

The two distinct plans offered by Harmony Home Warranty include a lower end “Basic Plan” and higher end “Total Plan.”

The more comprehensive Total Plan covers the following appliances and services in American homes:

The Basic Plan includes everything listed above except:

As mentioned, Harmony Home Warranty does allow people to customize their coverage plans with some additional add-ons. These include:


As is customary, Harmony Home Warranty has its own network of contractors that it uses to serve its customers. One distinguishing aspect of Harmony Home Warranty is that the company assigns two or even three customer support representatives to handle a single claim from start to finish. These customer support reps answer customer questions, move the process along, and ensure that service is provided in-home quickly and efficiently.

Harmony Home Warranty promises to dispatch a contractor within 48 hours of receiving a claim from a customer, which is a fairly fast turnaround time for the industry as a whole. The company also claims that all contractors who work for Harmony Home Warranty are pre-screened and qualified. Harmony Home Warranty ensures the quality and work performed by all of its technicians and contractors.

The claims process is pretty straight forward too. Customers contact the 24/7 claims department to submit claims (either over the phone or online). After that, the customer support team takes over and arranges the needed service appointment. And, unlike many other home warranty providers, Harmony Home Warranty doesn't require maintenance records as proof of repair. Nor do they require customers to have a home inspected before they can be approved for a policy. This is a big help for homeowners that don't want to deal with a home inspection.

Fees and Costs

Harmony Home Warranty does not provide specific information about its fees on its website. The company does say on its website that customers who sign up can get $100 off, which they say is equivalent to getting “one month free.” If we assume from that, that coverage is approximately $100 per month, that would be expensive as comparable coverage is offered by competing companies for between $55 and $75 a month. We suggest contacting Harmony Home Warranty directly for a quote.

What’s Not Covered:

As is common with home warranties, not everything in a house is covered by Harmony Home Warranty. Items that are excluded include mold, mildew, water leaks, various filters, windows, drain lines, chimneys, and a host of other items. Full details of items not covered by Harmony Home Warranty is available on the company’s website. Most of the excluded items are standard within the industry and are also not covered by other home warranty providers. Be sure and checkout the full list of excluded items before taking out a plan.

Other Fees and Conditions:

Harmony Home Warranty does make clear on its website that customers must pay a service fee of $75 whenever a technician is dispatched to their home regardless of how much the actual repair or parts costs. The $75 service fee is pretty standard among home warranty providers. And, paying a flat rate of $75 for any repair can save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars on expensive parts and services. In terms of cancellation, customers can cancel their policy within 30 days and get a full refund. If you cancel after the first 30 days, you'll receive a prorated refund minus a $50 administrative fee.

Many appliances and systems also come with limits on how much Harmony Home Warranty will spend repairing them. The limits vary depending on the appliance or system being repaired. But the caps range between $200 and $1,500 per appliance / system. The warranty coverage begins 30 days after a policy is signed and paid for in full for the year. Harmony Home Warranty does cover appliances and systems regardless of their age as long as they are in proper working condition before the policy begins. If a system or an appliance cannot be repaired, Harmony Home Warranty will replace it with a new one.



The Bottom Line

Harmony Home Warranty isn’t the oldest or biggest home warranty provider in the U.S., but its coverage and service are available in all 50 states and it provides most of the same services and offerings as its competitors. While it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some other companies in the same space, Harmony Home Warranty seems like a competent choice for the professional care and repair of household appliances and systems. And, its customer support service is among the best in the business. Definitely worth a look.