AFC Home Club Review

Members of America’s First Choice Home Club (AFC Home Club) pay a monthly fee for coverage of a wide range of household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, as well as home systems such as electrical and plumbing.

When an item covered under the protection plan breaks, AFC Home Club has it repaired for a flat fee. AFC Home Club offers four levels of coverage plans for household appliances. These plans range from the basic “silver” plan to the more expensive “gold” and “platinum” plans. There is also a plan to cover household systems.

Pros and Cons of AFC Home Club



What Does AFC Home Club Offer?

You can find full details on each of AFC Home Club’s coverage plans on the company’s website. The topline “platinum” plan provides warranty coverage on the following items:

Optional coverage for items such as a sump pump, well pump, pool and spa, septic system, hot water dispenser, standalone freezer, central vacuum system, and tankless water heater are also available.

AFC Home Club Contractors:

AFC Home Club takes pride in its network of contractors. The company points out that it uses an extensive network of local, well-established contractors who are available to meet the needs of customers. AFC Home Club says each contractor is committed to customer satisfaction and the company guarantees their work. Many contractors even service the same homes year after year.

AFC Home Club also provides a three-year guarantee on the work of each contractor it uses. This is much longer than the 30- and 60-day work guarantees offered by many competing home warranty providers.


Pricing for AFC Home Club’s coverage and services varies depending on which plan you choose and where you live. You can get a free quote on the AFC Home Club website to find out what coverage will cost for you.

In addition to paying a monthly fee, customers pay a service fee each time a technician comes out to repair a cover item. Customers have the option to choose a service fee of $75, $100, or $125. A lower service fee means a higher monthly premium whereas a higher service fee means a lower monthly premium.

What’s Not Covered:

Like all home warranty companies, AFC Home Club does not cover every item in a household, nor do they provide warranty coverage against everything that can possibly go wrong in a home. Items and issues excluded by the company include:

AFC Home Club’s website provides information on the items excluded from its coverage. We recommend you review what is and isn’t included in any home warranty plan. After all, you should know what you’re paying for before signing up.

Other Fees and Conditions:

A few things to be aware of in addition to the service fees, include the fact that pre-existing conditions are not covered and there is a plan claims limit of $2,000 per appliance.

AFC Home Club charges customers a $75 fee to cancel their contract. And, perhaps most important, customers must submit a claim within one day after noticing an issue with a system or appliance regardless of which coverage plan they have. You can submit service requests either online or over the phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is a 30-day waiting period for AFC Home Club’s warranty coverage to begin, and each home warranty typically lasts for one year. On the positive side, the company does not require a home inspection before initiating coverage.

The Bottom Line

AFC Home Club offers a range of plans to choose from and members can customize plans with a wide selection of optional add-ons. They offer competitive prices and have a strong network of contractors available in most areas of the United States. While they do have some restrictions in what is covered, this is standard for the industry.

If you’re considering a home warranty, AFC Home Club is certainly worth a look.