The Best Home Warranties for A/C and Heating

Your home’s heating and cooling system is one of its hardest-working parts. When temperature rise and fall throughout the year, this is the system that keeps your home comfortable.

But when your heating and A/C systems fail, it can be incredibly expensive to repair or replace them. Repairs, which are often needed immediately, can devastate your finances – and they can cost thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, a home warranty gives you the opportunity to save money and still ensure your HVAC system gets the repairs or replacements it needs. A home warranty that includes heating and cooling systems, units, and parts will protect you, even if your heating or cooling goes out unexpectedly.

Many home warranties include HVAC coverage. And if yours doesn’t, you can add it on at an affordable price. If you’re worried about problems or potential failure with your heating and A/C, you need to secure a home warranty before disaster strikes.

And the following are some of the very best options for home warranties that include heating and A/C systems.

American Residential Warranty

American Residential Warranty offers home warranties nationwide, ensuring you can find a warranty no matter where you live. Depending on which type of warranty plan you choose, American Residential Warranty can cover your electric and plumbing systems, kitchen and other home appliances, and even cooling and heating systems.

And you can also enjoy the benefit of completely customizing your warranty. American Residential Warranty allows you to add specific items you’d like to have covered – and you can eliminate those you don’t want covered, which reduces your costs.

With this home warranty, you’ll also enjoy fast payments, a long cancellation and refund period, generous coverage limits, and a fantastic customer service reputation.

Choice Home Warranty

If you’re looking for a home warranty that can cover both what’s inside and outside your home, consider Choice Home Warranty. Choice Home Warranty offers a basic plan and total plan that can cover the bulk of your home’s appliances. On both plans, you’ll have access to pre-screened repair providers – so you can trust that anyone who services or repairs your home’s appliances is qualified.

And if you need a more customized home warranty, Choice Home Warranty lets you build your own warranty plan and coverage. Each of the company’s available plans can be customized to ensure you’re getting the most valuable and necessary coverage.

Unlike other warranty options, Choice Home Warranty offers optional coverage for some of the most expensive parts of your home. Pools, spas, sump pumps, septic systems, and even roof leaks can be protected with this all-inclusive kind of coverage.

Select Home Warranty

Select Home Warranty offers home warranties with comprehensive coverage. For an affordable price, Select Home Warranty makes it easy to protect any home and any appliances or systems. A popular choice for newer homes, this home warranty includes flexibility in claims and the opportunity to include heating and A/C in your plan.

Making a claim with Select Home Warranty is quick and easy according to current customers. You can schedule repairs and other needs efficiently, without having to waste an entire day.

Additionally, new Select Home Warranty customers can get discounts and special offers. New plans and warranties can get up to $100 off and a few free months of coverage. With clear, comprehensive coverage, a speedy and always available online chat feature, and other benefits, Select Home Warranty is an excellent choice.

First American

With extensive choices and in-depth coverage explanations and options, First American is a fantastic home warranty option. This company gives its customers as much information as they need to ensure seamless, understandable coverage. You can easily view sample contracts and coverage limits, plus your own responsibilities, online before choosing a warranty.

And First American does offer heating and A/C warranty coverage. From rust-related problems to corrosion to even lack of regular maintenance, it’s all protected with a home warranty by First American. Additionally, service is quick – repair jobs are scheduled and ready to service your HVAC system in just 4 hours.

First American is a great choice for those who want a responsive and speedy home warranty with reputable service. And you can even get a warranty if you live in a townhome, condo, or mobile home.

American Home Shield

American Home Shield offers home warranty options that cover every possible need. With a huge range of different plans that cover different systems and appliances – including heating and air conditioning – you can protect as much or as little as you’d like.

And American Home Shield is also flexible in its options and services. You’ll find that even the fee you pay for service visits able to be adjusted, and premiums for your warranty are some of the most affordable options. There are 4 different service plans to choose from, and you can combine or create custom warranties if needed.

When you need repairs done, you’ll enjoy 24/7 service processing with American Home Shield. With a network of over 11,000 contractors, getting service scheduled and completed is both quick and easy. You can also adjust your payments and service costs as needed to ensure it’s all affordable for your budget.

Choose a Home Warranty for Your A/C and Heating Today

Don’t let your home’s A/C or heating system fail you when you need it most. A home warranty that covers your heating and cooling will ensure you aren’t struggling to repair or replace one of the most important – and expensive – systems in your home.

And a home warranty for your A/C and heating systems doesn’t have to be expensive. You can protect your home and its systems for a low annual fee. Should your heating or A/C need repairs, you won’t have to worry. You could even slash the cost of replacing the entire system, if it’s needed.

All you need to do is find a home warranty with the right level of coverage that includes heating and air conditioning. And to do that, you can search for home warranty companies, compare their pricing and coverage options, and read reviews to determine which is best for you.