Vivint Review

Vivint is an online service that provides integrated smart home security systems, in-home consultation, professional installation and 24/7 monitoring and customer support. They have served more than 1.5 million customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Vivint has been featured in such publications as TechCrunch and Digital Trends, was rated U.S News Best Home Security Systems in 2020 and has a 4/5 customer rating on Trustpilot out of 14,512 reviews.

Key Features

Vivint offers an assortment of security devices that you can place in and around your home to provide varying degrees of protection. These devices are all controlled from a single place (Google Home, Vivint’s mobile app or Vivint’s tablet-like Smart Hub). This means you can control all of your security and automation products like locks, cameras, lighting, and thermostats from one app on your phone or the hub located in your home.

Vivint offers the following security and automation devices:

To use Vivint’s service and get their security system set up inside your home, you first have to call them. After answering some quick questions, they’ll then help you personalize a system with features that fit your home, needs and lifestyle. Vivint will then review payment options to fit your budget before you ultimately purchase their system.

Finally, their Smart Home Pros make sure all of your devices are installed properly, correctly work together and that you understand how to operate your new security system.

In some cases, like if you’ve purchased a home security system that comes with only basic door and window sensors, no professional help is required. You simply have the follow the provided instructions to install your devices.


There is no one-size-fits-all cost to using Vivint’s services. Pricing will be different depending on an individual person’s needs.

That said, there are essentially two fees everyone can expect to pay with Vivint: service fee and equipment fee. The equipment fee is what you pay for the different security devices themselves while the service fee is what you pay to be able to use your equipment with Vivint’s different security services.

Service fees start at $29.99/month with a mandatory $599.99 equipment purchase. Additionally, you can expect to pay $49 to $199 in installation fees.

However, you can customize your month-to-month service agreement when you purchase your equipment upfront. This means that instead of paying the total service and equipment fee upfront, you can commit to paying them off on a monthly basis totaling however many months it would require you to fully pay off everything you owe. Vivint compares this type of payment to a cell phone contract.

For example, if your total amount owed is 1,799.40, instead of paying everything upfront, you can customize a payment plan with Vivint to pay $29.99/month for 60 months instead. Vivint likens this type of payment plan to that found in most cell phone plans.


Vivint offers a comprehensive home security system that leaves little room for error. From their person-to-person consultation process to their professional installation commitment, Vivent is one of the most accessible providers of full-spectrum home protection.

Also unique about Vivint is their customizable payment plans. If you’re not able to afford all of their industry-leading equipment upfront, you can instead commit to pay in monthly installments. This opens up top-level home security to people in need who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

If you’re still sold, Vivint encourages people to contact them and get a customized quote free of charge.