Frontpoint Review

Founded in 2007, Frontpoint is a company that provides smart home security systems to customers across the entire United States. Frontpoint’s physical sensors and monitoring services together help protect against damage and intruders inside your home and quickly contact relevant authorities in the case of an alert.

Customers use Frontpoint to detect over three billion “security events” a year. Additionally, Frontpoint is a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating and has a 4.6/5 Trustscore on Trustpilot from 8,716 customer reviews

Key Features

Frontpoint’s security system consists of two parts: physical equipment and monitoring services. Customers first purchase the necessary sensors and accessories they need for their specific home, place them in relevant areas (doors, windows, etc.) and then wirelessly connect them with Frontpoint’s monitoring services. This connected system can then be largely controlled by one central hub with a touchscreen keypad.

Alternatively, you can control many aspects of your Frontpoint security system from your phone thanks to their mobile app.

Frontpoint offers many different kinds of sensors belonging to the following categories:

The different individual sensors belonging to each of these categories are described below.

Frontpoint Systems





Home Automation


Beyond sensors and accessories, Frontpoint also offers plenty of monitoring services to connect with their sensors and devices.

Monitoring services available to you depend on which service plan you purchase. The different service plans and all of the services they offer are described below.

Interactive Plan Features

Ultimate Plan Features

To purchase a security system from Frontpoint, you have to first purchase the necessary equipment. You can either choose a pre-packaged equipment plan or build a plan from scratch, picking and choosing individual sensors and accessories as you need them.

You then have to choose one of the two available service plans to pair with your equipment: the Interactive Plan or the Ultimate Plan.

After ultimately purchasing your system, Frontpoint will deliver all of your sensors and accessories to you. In terms of installation, Frontpoint makes sure that everything is 100% pre-programmed and ready to go. You just have to “peel, stick and secure.” Plus, to make sure your sensors continue working properly, Frontpoint will remotely test them once an hour.

Additionally, if within 30 days of receiving your new system you decide you’re not satisfied with your system, you can get a complete refund (and free return shipping).


Frontpoint’s pricing is dependent on an individual’s specific needs, meaning that there is no one price that applies to everyone.

What does apply to everyone, however, is Frontpoint’s pricing structure, which consists of two costs: equipment cost and service cost. These two costs together make up your monthly rate (depending on how you choose to pay your equipment cost, as explained below).

Equipment cost is what you pay for the physical sensors and accessories, whereas service cost is what you pay for the services you connect to your sensors.

Frontpoint offers equipment packages ranging from $369.93 to $599.98. As mentioned above, you can also choose to customize your own package meaning that it’s possible that you could pay less or more depending on what equipment you choose (prices range from $3.99 to $199 per piece of equipment).

If you choose to pay for your equipment all at once, your equipment cost is a one-time payment. Alternatively, through Affirm, customers can also opt to pay for their equipment in monthly installments instead of all at once, significantly lowering their upfront costs.

As far as service costs go, Frontpoint’s Interactive Plan costs ~$44.40/month ($1.48/day) and their Ultimate Plan costs ~$50/month ($1.64/day).


Frontpoint is one of the best ways to easily and professionally secure your home at an affordable price. They provide a checkout process that makes it simple for customers to choose and customize security systems that fit their individual needs, they offer plenty of flexibility in terms of payment and they offer a huge selection of different sensors and monitoring services to protect all aspects of your home.

As the cherry on top, if you’re unsure whether or not Frontpoint can provide a security system for your home at a rate that works for you, you can check them out and put together a cart for free.