Is Investing in a Home Security System Worth It?

When you consider the fact that a burglary takes place every 13 seconds in the United States, the question of whether or not it’s worth investing in a home security system is a very natural one.

The only thing stopping most people from purchasing a home security system is the fact that many systems require an upfront payment in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for all of the necessary equipment and installation. You then also have to pay an additional monthly fee, depending on whether or not you want your system to be professionally monitored by your provider’s monitoring center.

Just reading that, it can be easy to be dissuaded from buying a system. However, this would be ignoring all of the benefits that come with buying a system–and there are many of them.

To help you weigh the costs against the benefits, consider the nine benefits — some obvious and some not so obvious — of investing in a home security system below.

Deter Home Invasions before They Happen

Home security systems can help deter home invasions and other home-related crimes before they even happen. More specifically, obvious signs that your home is covered by a home security system, including lawn signs and door stickers, are often enough to persuade criminals to avoid your home and look for someplace more vulnerable.

Scare off Burglars

If a burglar does decide to try to invade your home with a home security system in place, most will take off running at the first sounding of your home’s alarm — which, if you’re not home to respond to the alarm yourself, will certainly attract the attention of your neighbors. In this sense, your system provides two layers of protection: deterring criminals in the first place and scaring off criminals if they try to invade your home.

Detect and Prevent Fires

Home security systems aren’t just for protecting your home against criminals — they can also help detect and prevent fires inside your home. This is accomplished through sensors placed around your home which detect even the faintest traces of smoke. For extra assurance, if you’re not home, many of these sensors will either send an alert to your phone or to your security provider’s monitoring center, depending on whether you pay for professional monitoring.

Detect Carbon Monoxide

In addition to fires, many home security systems also detect carbon monoxide, which is undetectable by our normal senses (smell, sight, taste, etc.). Because it’s so undetectable, carbon monoxide is arguably more dangerous than fire, making home security systems that detect it invaluable.

Capture Evidence

In the unfortunate event that a criminal does make their way into your home, if cameras are part of your home security system, you can rely on them to capture valuable evidence that could be used to identify and charge your invader.

Automatically Contact Responders and Authorities

If your system is professionally monitored, meaning you’re paying to have your home monitored by your security provider’s 24/7 monitoring center, any suspicious detection by your system will not only result in you being notified but also trained responders who can dispatch relevant authorities in a matter of seconds. Typically, these responders call you to ask how you’d like to proceed, and if you don’t answer, they’ll send authorities just to be safe.

Increase the Market Value of Your Home

If you don’t plan to take your home security system with you when you move, investing in a system can increase the market value of your home if you do decide to sell. As you might imagine, a home with a comprehensive home security system already in place is a lot more attractive to a potential homebuyer than a home without one.

Get Quick Medical Help

While not offered by all providers, some home security providers offer as part of their system the option for a wearable medical pendant. When wearing this pendant, if you suddenly have a medical episode, or you’re injured in a home invasion scenario, you can get in contact with the authorities and request medical attention in seconds at the touch of a button.

Have Peace of Mind when You’re Away From Home

Paired with many modern-day home security systems are mobile apps through which you can connect to your home’s cameras and monitor your live-feeds no matter where you are. Many providers also use these apps to send you alerts or updates regarding your home security system.

As you can see, investing in a home security system can provide safety, security, and peace of mind for you and your family.