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A Home Security System Keeps Your Home and Family Safe

How do you know your home, your belongings, and your loved ones are safe when they’re at home? No matter how safe and secure your home seems, there’s no way to be certain – unless you have a home security system.

A home security system ensures that your property is protected 24/7. With monitoring, cameras, and detection, these systems are the best way to keep burglars and other criminals away from your home and all that’s inside of it. And on top of that, a home security system is a deterrent too. With a visible home security system installed, burglars are 60 percent less likely to target your home, reducing your risk overall.

With a home security system in place, you’ll keep your home and family safe before crime even strikes. And you can have sound peace of mind knowing that you’re protected at all times.

How Home Security Systems Work

Simply put, a home security system keeps burglars out of your home. Meant to deter and prevent crime, home security systems keep you connected to your home at all times, either through professional monitoring or smart monitoring from anywhere. You’re able to check in on your home any time, and your security system will notify you whenever there’s motion outside your home, doors are opened and closed, or if windows are opened or closed.

With plenty of features like these, home security systems allow you to know if your home is in danger – and you can prevent that danger entirely thanks to a security system’s ability to keep your home’s entry points and entire property protected and secure. If anything happens at your home, you’ll be notified by sensors, alerts, and even video footage so you can rest easily.

How to Choose the Right Home Security System

Not all home security systems are the same. Each one offers different features, equipment, monitoring services and options, and benefits. The right home security system for your home depends on what you’re interested in and what level of protection you need.

To find the perfect security set up for your home, you’ll want to first determine what kind of system meets your protection needs. Do you want to be able to catch criminals in the act? You’ll need a system with video cameras and surveillance options. Do you want to be able to check in on your home at any time? You’ll want to consider home security systems that offer self-monitoring. Do you want your home’s security to be handled by professionals? You’ll find plenty of options that put pros in charge of monitoring your home and keeping it safe.

You should also consider the services offered by a home security system. Will your home be protected from and monitored for break-ins alone? Or does the system include additional benefits like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide monitoring, and smart automation services? You can protect your home and your family in many ways if you choose a home security system that offers it all, or one that allows you to customize your security.

No matter which home security system you ultimately choose, your system will provide both peace of mind and greater protection. And you can always upgrade or increase your security in the future as your needs change.

The Cost of a Home Security System

Many people assume home security systems are an expensive addition to any home – but thanks to the vast variety of options available today, home security isn’t as expensive as it seems. Home security systems include two costs: an initial installation investment and a long-term monitoring plan.

Once you choose which home security system you’d like to install, you’ll pay a one-time price to have all of the security equipment installed in your home. The average cost ranges from an affordable $250 up to $1,000. After the security system itself is installed, you’ll own all of the equipment and will only have to pay more if you choose to upgrade it to include more features or more advanced technology.

After installation, you’ll then decide how much you want to pay to have your home monitored. This cost varies greatly, depending on the home security system you’re using. If you’d like, some home security systems let you monitor your home for free using your smartphone or computer. Other home security systems offer professional monitoring, meaning you’ll pay a monthly fee to have a team monitor your home for you. These options can cost as little as $20 per month.

What Home Security Includes

Today’s home security systems are increasingly advanced, and they’re capable of monitoring nearly any aspect of your home. And what your home security system includes is entirely up to you.

Thanks to the variety of different home security options and technologies available, you can choose what you’d like to include when installing a home security system. From cameras to alarms to motion sensors, there are many different components you can include.

A typical home security system includes:

With customization, you can add to this list of features to increase your home’s security, or use as many as you’d like based on what you need for your home.

DIY or Professional: Home Security Systems Are Customized

Home security systems come in two forms: do-it-yourself or professionally installed and monitored. No matter which option you choose, you can safely and confidently secure your home and protect all that’s inside it. But there are differences between a DIY home security system and one that’s professionally installed and monitored.

A professionally monitored home security system is managed by an alarm or security company. The company sells you the equipment needed for your home and installs it. And the company also monitors your home, alerting you and emergency services if a break-in happens. Typically, professional home security systems are installed to use your home’s phone line or internet connection, which is how the company can monitor your home at all times.

A DIY home security system, also known as a non-monitored security system, can be installed by any homeowner. You just need to purchase and install the components, like cameras and sensors, that you’d like to use. And you’ll be able to monitor your home and its security devices yourself from anywhere. If a break-in happens, you’ll be the one who needs to call the police or emergency services. Some DIY systems can notify you when there’s motion, an emergency, or a change in your home, helping to bridge the gap between DIY and professional home security.

You can decide which option is right for you, your home, and your family. Both DIY and professionally monitored home security systems can offer the same benefits, can be customized for your home, and will increase your home’s safety every day.