FHAloans.com Review

FHAloans.com is a non-government-affiliated website that you can use to learn about all aspects of financing or refinancing your home through FHA loans. You can also use the site to learn about your FHA loan eligibility and connect with relevant lenders based on your specific situation.

In terms of what you can actually find on FHAloans.com, the site offers comprehensive guides, calculators, and resources you can use to better educate yourself about FHA loans. Most notably, through a series of simple questions, you can learn whether or not you’re eligible for FHA loans in the first place.

Pros and Cons of FHAloans.com



What Does FHAloans.com Offer?

FHAloans.com wants to make your path to getting an FHA loan to purchase a home as simple as possible. If you’re not familiar with FHA loans, then here’s a quick intro: they’re loans offered to U.S. homebuyers by FHA-approved lenders and insured by the Federal Housing Administration. They can be used on a variety of property types, including single-family homes, multifamily homes, and manufactured homes.

It’s important to note that FHAloans.com isn’t a lender itself. Instead, it acts as a connecting force between you and FHA loan lenders. However, this only encapsulates part of what the site does. It also offers a variety of tools and resources you can use to learn about FHA loans and your eligibility.

Specifically, you can find the following tools and resources on FHAloans.com:

What To Expect on the Site

While FHAloans.com’s educational content is incredibly useful for anyone wanting to better understand how to navigate the complicated world of FHA loans, the site’s most useful feature is its eligibility checker. Because your FHA loan eligibility depends on your credit score, income, debts, home price, as well as other factors, it can be difficult to know where you stand on your own. Fortunately, FHAloans.com makes knowing that much easier. It runs you through a simple questionnaire to help determine your eligibility.

This questionnaire is free to fill out and asks you to answer a few questions, including:

After answering the questions, and providing some basic contact information, a lender will get in touch with you to discuss your eligibility and FHA loan options.

While requirements and guidelines can vary by lender, generally speaking, to qualify for an FHA loan, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

Additionally, if you’ve filed for bankruptcy, you’ll need to be at least two years removed from the filing and have since established good credit. Similarly, if you’ve experienced a foreclosure, you must be three years removed from the foreclosure to qualify.

In terms of what you can expect to pay in closing costs (origination fee, survey, appraisal, underwriting fee, etc.) this will vary by lender. Generally speaking, however, closing costs tend to equal around 2% to 5% of the total loan amount.

The Bottom Line

You can look at FHAloans.com as that older sibling you wish you had when you were first trying to get a grasp of your finances. While the site may not be an actual lender of FHA loans, it provides you with everything you could possibly need to obtain the perfect FHA loan for your needs. You can educate yourself about eligibility, different FHA loan types, FHA loans in comparison to other mortgage options, and plenty more.

You can even use the site’s eligibility checker to see if you qualify for an FHA loan in the first place. If you do, you’ll be connected with a lender who can talk you through your options and ultimately help you land the perfect FHA loan for your specific situation.

The best part is that everything on FHAloans.com can be used and accessed for free, which is why, if you’re looking for the best possible mortgage option on the market, FHAloans.com is a worthy resource.