SmartFinancial Review

SmartFinancial offers a free online service you can use to connect with and compare multiple home insurance quotes (among other types of insurance) at a glance.

The company is not an insurance provider itself but rather works with a network of 200 insurers, automatically connecting customers with relevant insurers based on their needs and allowing them to buy policies online, over the phone, or in person.

What Services Does SmartFinancial Offer?

SmartFinancial’s primary service is connecting customers with relevant home insurance quotes available through their network of insurers. Specifically, after asking you about yourself and the insurance coverage you want, SmartFinancial uses a combination of technology and human experts to pair you with relevant quotes.

The company’s network of 200 insurers includes top-rated and nationally recognized names like:

Given the competitive nature of SmartFinancial’s marketplace, with insurers knowing that they’re going to be compared, you can expect to find some of the lowest home insurance rates available.

While the majority of SmartFinancial’s marketplace consists of top-rated insurers, because it doesn’t explain how it regulates the quality of its marketplace (i.e. entry requirements), it’s still worth doing a little bit of your own research when paired with an insurer you’re not familiar with.

Beyond this matching service, SmartFinancial also offers a blog filled with advice and answers you can use to better navigate the world of home insurance.

What Kinds Of Coverage Does SmartFinancial Offer?

SmartFinancial isn’t an insurer itself, so technically it doesn’t directly offer any kind of coverage. However, through SmartFinancial’s network of insurers, you can expect to find all kinds of standard home insurance coverage.

Examples of the types of coverage you could expect to find include:

What Does SmartFinancial’s Application Process Look Like?

As we mentioned, SmartFinancial isn’t an insurer itself. This means that you’re not going to be applying to SmartFinancial itself, but rather to whichever insurer you choose from its network of providers. Therefore, the application process will change depending on which insurer you choose.

However, before you receive your quotes, you will need to answer a number of questions about yourself and the insurance coverage you want. This process takes less than five minutes.

Alternatively, you can apply for your quotes over the phone if you prefer.

What Fees Does SmartFinancial Charge?

Using SmartFinancial to receive personalized home insurance quotes doesn’t cost anything. Similarly, you can access all of its articles and resources for free. You can only expect to pay when you actually secure a home insurance policy through one of their partnered insurers.


SmartFinancial simplifies the otherwise complicated process of securing home insurance by offering easy quote comparison, an educational blog, and an on-hand team of human experts. And with a network of 200 top-rated insurers, including Progressive, Safeway and Lemonade, SmartFinancial can connect you with coverage catering to all needs and budgets.

Whether you’re new to home insurance or simply want to know what your best options are, you can visit SmartFinancial and get your quotes in a matter of minutes.