SelectQuote Home Insurance Review

SelectQuote was founded more than 30 years ago. While not an insurance carrier, their goal is to help you find and compare the best insurance available by doing a lot of the legwork for you.

You're also able to bundle your insurance through SelectQuote to get life insurance, home insurance, and auto insurance all in the same place if you choose.

At a Glance

When you head to the SelectQuote website you'll be given the option of choosing the kind of insurance you're looking for. In addition to home insurance there's also Life, Auto, and you can even sign up for Medicare. The company works with a number of insurance providers including:

Because they work with so many different insurance carriers, the help you get from SelectQuote can save you as much as $408 per year on your insurance rates. They're able to not just match you with the most appropriate insurance to fit your needs, they're also able to track down any discounts that you may qualify for as well as answering questions relating to several different insurance carriers and their policies.

Since SelectQuote isn't supplying the insurance to you directly you can trust that they're going to be able to offer you some unbiased opinions on which carrier is actually going to offer you the best insurance to meet your needs.

The carriers that SelectQuote works with are some of the top rated in the industry. Over two million families currently get their insurance through SelectQuote.

What to Expect

When you head to the site looking for home insurance, you're given the option of calling right away to speak in person with a licensed insurance agent if you prefer a more direct approach. You can also stick to the electronic route and fill out some information to get a free quote based on your specific circumstances. In order to do that you'll just need to provide SelectQuote with a little bit of information about who you are and what you're looking for. To start with they're going to ask you:

SelectQuote will be able to track down whatever discounts apply to you and offer you a choice of coverage from several different carriers so you can compare and contrast each one to see which is going to fit your needs best.

Pros and Cons of SelectQuote

SelectQuote does take a lot of the legwork out of tracking down the best insurance for your home, but because they don't provide the actual policy themselves it may not be exactly what you're looking for. Let's take a look at the pros vs cons of choosing SelectQuote for finding insurance coverage.



Cost and Customer Service

Since SelectQuote doesn’t sell insurance policies directly, it’s difficult to give an estimate of what you can expect to pay when you go with SelectQuote for your insurance. Instead of being a direct provider, it's SelectQuote's job to help you find the best deal by comparing prices across the board. Basically, they aggregate the prices from other major carriers to help you get the one that's going to be best for you. That means, technically speaking, you are going to get a great price from SelectQuote if you use the service to help you find insurance, but it's hard to say for sure exactly what that price will be.

When it comes to the customer service, SelectQuote makes it very easy to get in touch with agents so that you can ask any questions over the phone. Not only is there a 1-800 number that you're able to call, you can get in touch with them over email as well and even send some mail to the corporate office in Kansas if you feel that would better suit your needs.

In general, feedback from customers has been very positive in terms of communication with the company. Agents are highly responsive and also very knowledgeable. If there is a question they can't answer for you right away, you can expect they’ll get back to you fairly quickly with the information you need.

What People Are Saying

SelectQuote insurance has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau's website. They also have an excellent 4.3 out of 5 rating on Many customers said that SelectQuote is able to give them very fast and efficient service, and the agent seemed incredibly knowledgeable as well as friendly and easy to deal with.

The Bottom Line

Shopping for insurance can be a hassle, especially if you're trying to find lower rates or get insurance for the first time. With so many options out there it's hard to know where to begin, and you can quickly find yourself spending days sorting through different carriers trying to compare rates and benefits. SelectQuote streamlines this whole process and makes it easier for you. They do the work of comparing, and all you have to do is check in at the end results and see which price and which policy works best for you.