Homeinsurance.net Review

HomeInsurance.net is a fast-growing online marketplace that allows homeowners to gather rates and compare costs quickly and easily. The service does not actually provide insurance policies itself. Instead, it empowers homeowners seeking the best possible rates on their coverage by providing instant price quotes. This competitive environment incentivizes providers to offer their lowest prices, which helps homeowners save money without sacrificing the completeness of your insurance coverage.

What’s available on HomeInsurance.net?

First, it is important to note that exact policy details vary from one provider to the next. The information that follows is intended to give you an idea of what types of coverage you can find on HomeInsurance.net. It is not specific to any one provider or policy type available through the site.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of the typical inclusions you can expect to find in a standard home insurance policy:

Insurers use the term “perils” to describe risk events that could lead to an insured individual making a claim under the terms of their policy. Again, exact details vary from one provider to the next, but the following perils are almost always included in home insurance policies:

Another key insurance term is “riders.” Riders are optional forms of coverage you can add to increase the scope of a standard policy. The exact riders you can get from providers that work with HomeInsurance.net also vary, but most insurance companies offer them for:

If you’re interested in adding riders to your policy, contact the end provider you decide to go with after using HomeInsurance.net to obtain a quote.

How it works

HomeInsurance.net follows an easy three-step process:

  1. Visit the site and answer the questions posed on the homepage.
  2. Obtain competitive price quotes from various providers.
  3. Contact the provider that best suits your needs after receiving your quote to learn more about the policy or to purchase coverage.

Everyone can use HomeInsurance.net completely free of charge, and you are under no obligation to anyone who provides a quote. There’s no risk at any point in the process.

Who qualifies for discounts on HomeInsurance.net?

Most insurance companies offer price discounts to customers who meet certain conditions. This is because some people inherently pose less risk from a statistical standpoint, while other discounts are offered as a kind of reward for being a good customer.

End providers retain the exclusive right to decide what types of discounts they wish to offer, but many companies that partner with HomeInsurance.net give price breaks to:

Many insurers only offer these discounts to customers who ask for them, so don’t hesitate to query the provider you decide to go with to see if you qualify.

Pros and cons

HomeInsurance.net offers the following distinct advantages:

On the downside, the service also has some drawbacks, including:

The takeaway

HomeInsurance.net is an option well worth exploring if you’re looking to compare the terms and costs of various home insurance policies quickly and easily. The site’s inherently competitive bidding environment is a big plus for consumers, and it only takes a few minutes to obtain quotes.