Unlock Review

Unlock offers an alternative to cash-out refinancing and home equity loans known as home equity investments. Home equity investments make it easy to get the most out of your home’s current equity and its potential resale value. When a home equity investor purchases a share of your home, you don’t need to repay the cost of the share until the term has ended or you sell your home.

By entering into an agreement with Unlock, you’ll be able to use your home’s equity any way you choose. Unlock strives to put homeowners in control, and it offers an interesting way to tap into home equity without taking out a loan. Keep reading to learn more about the details.

Pros and Cons of Unlock



What Does Unlock Offer?

Unlock specializes in the field of home equity investments. Unlike other home equity options, home equity investments allow you to put your home’s equity to use by paying you a one-time lump sum without requiring you to get a loan. Since it’s an exchange, you’ll trade part of your home’s value for a monetary investment.

Instead of having a monthly payment, you’ll either pay back the investment or sell your home by the end of a 10-year-term. Unlock doesn’t place restrictions on buying them out or selling your home before the term ends. You can even buyout Unlock in partial payments whenever convenient over the course of your term.

According to Unlock’s website, a typical investment might provide 10% of a home’s equitable value in exchange for a 16% repayment. While those numbers will vary depending on your financial situation, allowing Unlock to purchase a share of your home gives you access to funds when you need it. Perhaps you want to pay off debt, improve your home, or make other big investments. Unlock never tells you how to spend the investment.

Those who own rental or investment properties are also welcome to use Unlock.

What To Expect on the Site

Unlock’s website is straightforward and makes it easy to understand how its home equity investment program works. If you should decide to proceed with an application, then you’ll want to click on the “Get Started” button. The quick online process will ask for a few key pieces of information, including:

Once you’ve completed the required fields, you’ll only wait a few minutes to find out exactly how much of an investment Unlock would be willing to make in your property. You’ll also receive a follow-up email. Then, you’ll speak with a representative during normal business hours.

In addition to this easy online form, Unlock has a detailed frequently asked questions section. There’s also a handy quote calculator that allows you to see the tentative amount you could receive for your home’s equity.


With Unlock’s home equity investments, you aren’t taking out a loan. So, unlike home equity loans, you don’t have monthly payments or accrued interest. Instead, Unlock exchanges a percent of your home’s future value for a larger percent of the home’s future value. For instance, Unlocks website says, “A typical agreement might exchange 10% of the current home’s value (cash to you) for 16% of the future home’s value (the Unlock Share).” While there are no monthly payments, all of Unlock’s investments come with a non-negotiable 3% closing cost.

What People are Saying about Unlock

As of November 2021, Unlock’s Trustpilot rating stands at excellent. With 4.6 out of 5 stars given, reviewers rated Unlock in the following ways:

Additionally, Unlock is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. On the BBB website, it has a rating of A-. While not many customers have reviewed it on the BBB website, Unlock does have a customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

The Bottom Line

Although there are a lot of mortgage refinancing and home equity options, they aren’t always very flexible or budget friendly. Unlike second mortgages, home equity investments give homeowners a way to get the money they need without monthly payments. Unlock has made it easy for homeowners to exchange a share of their home’s value for a one-time payment that doesn’t need to be repaid until the term comes to an end. As a result, it makes sense to consider Unlock when you check out top home equity options.