South Beach Diet Review

The South Beach Diet, known for being one of the most popular solutions to weight loss for nearly two decades, now offers an online meal delivery program with over 100 meals and snacks⁠ intended to fit within a keto-friendly meal plan.

Originally created by cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston to combat heart disease, the South Beach Diet was quickly realized by the public to be an effective, healthy way to lose weight. As things stand today, over 11 million people now rely on the South Beach Diet.

As far as results go, South Beach Diet claims that customers can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week following the diet’s guidelines.

Key Features

While the South Beach Diet has been recognized as an effective diet for years now, in an attempt to make following the diet easier, South Beach Diet recently started offering a meal delivery service customers can use to have South Beach-certified foods delivered straight to their homes.

The types of food you can expect from this meal delivery service are high in lean protein, heart-healthy, good fats and low in carbs & added sugar. Specifically, the breakdown is as follows:

This breakdown is intended to provide the weight loss benefits of keto while providing a more flexible, convenient and nutritious experience than people typically experience on the keto diet, which requires people to more strictly follow a limited-food, higher-fat, and fewer-carb menu.

It’s also important to note that while South Beach Diet offers a keto-friendly menu, at 40-50g of net carbs per day, their meals are not intended to allow individuals to achieve or maintain nutritional ketosis.

While South Beach Diet prides itself on convenience through delivering recipe-accompanied meals right to your door, they don’t sacrifice the nutritional quality of their meals, which include:

They also don’t skimp on flexibility, offering an ever-evolving menu of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and snacks) with which you can mix in groceries of your choosing for balance and extra variety. This ability to add in your own favorite approved foods makes the South Beach Diet much easier to follow and stick to than other, stricter diets.

In terms of catering to specific dietary needs, their Diabetes Gold Plan is specially designed for people with Type 2 Diabetes. Outside of this, if you have special dietary restrictions or food allergies, you can find a nutritional breakdown of all of our menu items online, or contact their dietary counselors for help selecting a menu that works for you.

While different plans offer different features (the specific plans available are described in the “Pricing” section below) you can expect to receive a “Reboot Kit” with every plan to help make transitioning to the South Beach Diet easier. This Reboot Kit includes specially selected breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and shakes intended to help reset your body to burn fat for energy.

Beyond this, with every delivery you can expect the following:

As you progress on the South Beach Diet, you can use their free app to track your meals and macros, as well as gain access to tips, challenges, rewards, and other helpful resources specific to your plan.


South Beach Diet offers different 4-week plans catering to different needs. These plans and their associated prices are described below.

Silver Plan

Price: Starting at $ 9.56/day


Gold Plan

Price: Starting at $10.88/day


Diabetes Gold Plan

Price: Starting at $10.88/day


Platinum Plan

Price: Starting at $11.87/day


Alternatively, you can opt for South Beach Diet’s One-Week Reboot Kit priced at $99.99 (with $4.99 flat rate shipping). This is a one-week kit useful for people with less than 10lbs to lose.


With a focus on healthy fats, satiating protein, and complete nutritional profiles, as well as allowing for flexibility for your favorite foods, South Beach Diet is a proven, doctor-developed solution to weight loss that people have used for nearly two decades.

Now, with the addition of home meal delivery and free shipping, there’s never been an easier time to join the millions of other people who have reached their fitness goals using the South Beach Diet.