TaskRabbit Review

Founded back in 2008, Taskrabbit is an online marketplace where customers can search for professionals to handle any number of tasks ranging from moving, handyman work, and home cleaning. They boast tens of thousands of professionals, called Taskers, who have been thoroughly background checked and vetted to provide the safest and most reliable service possible for customers who need them.

The inspiration for the company was a simple one — the founder was having trouble buying dog food when she got the idea and thought that if she had someone to help her, it would be beneficial. The philosophy is neighbors helping neighbors.

At a Glance

Taskrabbit functions as an online marketplace that can connect you with local cleaners (Taskers) in your area. There are over 60,000 independent workers who use the TaskRabbit platform, although they do offer many services beyond cleaning including everything from package delivery to pet sitting to handyman services. Taskrabbit also boasts that the level of professionalism is remarkable with their service as well, with 70% of their contractors having a bachelor’s degree, 20% with a master’s degree, and 5% with a PhD.

When you head to the site to look for a professional you will be given a few options once you choose cleaning services. At first, you’re given a choice of the following:

Once you’ve selected your task you can fill out to your location so they can help you narrow down your search. At that point you let them know the size of your task whether it’s a small one-hour job, a large 4 + hour job or a medium job that takes two to three hours. You could also add in whether or not a vehicle is going to be necessary for the job.

Your next step is to fill in any additional information that may be pertinent to your task, and then add in some additional details. These include:

What to Expect

The professionals that Taskrabbit matches you with have received background checks to verify their identity and criminal records. On the site you are able to see how many tasks they have completed for other customers, how reliable they have been (how often they show up and complete the task as required), and how other customers have rated them.

Pros and Cons

Taskrabbit is one of the most well-known and reliable services online for connecting you with professional cleaners in a way that is safe and efficient. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of going with Taskrabbit.



Costs and Customer Service

Taskrabbit itself doesn’t provide the cleaning services and as such they don’t directly charge for the services rendered. Instead, once you use their app or the website you will be able to get a list of local Taskers and see what they offer in terms of rates that meet your needs. For house cleaners, you can expect a range anywhere from $15 an hour up to as much as $50 an hour. Again, if you require a more frequent cleaning, you’ll also be subject to a thank you discount provided through task rabbit.

If you have any issues with the service you receive, Taskrabbit is can be contacted 7 days a week by telephone, or you can chat with them instantly online as well. You can also email and leave a message if you prefer. Many online customer reviews mention how easy the customer service process is when dealing with the Taskrabbit corporate offices.

In terms of individual Taskers, getting in touch with them for customer service needs may be easier or more difficult, it’s hard to apply a universal standard since they are all individual contractors.

What People Are Saying

Taskrabbit has outstanding reviews on Trustpilot where it has a nearly perfect rating. Over 7000 positive reviews, and a 4.7 out of 5 rating makes it one of the highest rated companies you’re likely to find on the site and certainly one of the highest-rated that perform this kind of service. The company also features an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau so if you’re looking for a company that has really impressed their customers over the last several years of operation, you’ll definitely have a hard time finding any place better than Taskrabbit.

The Bottom Line

Taskrabbit has a proven record of customer service and offers one of the best interfaces for getting in touch with a local professional that you’re likely to find among any of the professional cleaning apps. If you need a cleaner you know is going to be quick, reliable, and well-priced, Taskrabbit is a great option.