Angie’s List Review

Angie's List functions as an online directory that allows you to search through service providers like maids, carpenters, and plumbers based on crowdsourced reviews.

Angie’s List is free for customers to use and provides access to certified professionals as well as competitive quotes to guarantee you the best service no matter what you need done.

At a Glance

Angie's List has been around since 1995. In that time, they’ve developed an impressive database of companies including thorough reviews to refer to when you're looking for a provider to do just about any job you can think of around the house. When you head to the Angie's List site you can simply type in the kind of professional you're looking for and start the process. For home cleaning there are a variety of options you're able to choose from:

Once you select the service you need you can input your address and contact information as well as the frequency with which you will require the service — whether it's a recurring or one-time thing. Angie's List can match you to several trusted partners from whom you can request quotes for the job. At this stage you can request a quote from any of the businesses they suggest and check out their posted reviews to determine what past customers thought of their experiences.

You'll also be able to tell if the businesses have been screened and approved or if they are Angie's List certified. A business qualifies as Angie's List certified if they meet certain standards for certification. These include:

What to Expect

Angie's List crowdsources reviews from its members. This allows you to look at experiences other people have had to determine if you’d like to use one of the recommended companies. Unlike many sites on the internet which allow for anonymous reviews, all of the reviews on Angie's List are verified so you can trust that they are from real customers who have real experiences and are going to offer reliable opinions and advice.

Pros and Cons

With over 10 million reviews and thousands of verified and background checked professionals available, Angie's List can connect you with the most reliable home cleaning companies in your community in just moments. Let's look at the pros and cons of going with Angie's List for finding your home cleaning business.



Payment and Customer Service

Because Angie's List doesn't directly provide the home cleaning service itself it’s tough to get an estimate for what the job is going to cost. Angie's List will refer you to local companies, at which point you can request a direct quote from any you’re interested in. Considering that it depends on where you are in the country, and the level of service you're requesting it’s reasonable to expect a range of potential costs associated with it. The professional cleaners found with Angie’s List aren’t likely to be significantly more or less expensive than those you’d find anywhere else.

From a customer service perspective, Angie's List goes out of their way to provide you with the best service they possibly can. Once you become a member you have access to 24-hour chat support to address any concerns you may have with any service that has been provided.

What People Are Saying

Angie’s List has a good reputation across most platforms. They have a 3-star rating on Trustpilot as well as an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. There's a good reason the company has managed to rack up over 10 million reviews for their affiliated businesses. They really are the biggest, and most trusted name when it comes to finding reliable cleaning services as well as other businesses.

The Bottom Line

If you're stressed out trying to find the best home cleaner and don't want to invest any more time into figuring out who is reliable and who will give you the best deal, then Angie's List is there to do the legwork for you. With their background checks and their extensive database of reviews, all you need to do is pick the home cleaner you feel is best and arrange for them to do the work. It can be overwhelming and time consuming to sort through all the potential home cleaners out there — even checking out online reviews can be difficult because you just don't know who wrote them. Angie's List makes sure that their reviews are from real, verified customers, making the whole process simple and trustworthy.