United States Insurance Review

United States Insurance offers consumers a fast, easy, and convenient way to compare insurance rates from multiple providers. The company maintains partnerships with many leading names in the American insurance industry, and it claims to be able to save its customers as much as 50% on their auto insurance needs.

In this review, we’ll examine what kinds of insurance you can find through the service. We will also weigh in with our thoughts on how United States Insurance stacks up against other quote aggregator and online insurance marketplace services.

Company Information

United States Insurance matches site visitors to its advertising and insurance company partners. It uses a business model similar to many other aggregators: users like you pay nothing to use the site. United States Insurance makes money through advertising, and via the commissions it earns from insurance providers who sell a policy to a lead generated through the service.

United States Insurance does not sell auto insurance policies itself, and it does not underwrite policies. It simply acts as a lead generation and quote comparison service. Actual policies are provided by the insurance companies partnered with the United States Insurance network.

Types of Auto Insurance Available Through United States Insurance

The actual forms of auto insurance you can purchase from end providers in the United States Insurance network vary. Each insurance company dictates its own product lineup, but from a general standpoint, you can count on United States Insurance to offer all the main forms of auto insurance.

This list includes:

Other, more specialized policy types may also be available, depending on the end provider. Examples of policies in this category include:

If you’re not sure what types of auto insurance are mandatory and optional in your jurisdiction, do some research before shopping to ensure you seek the right kinds of coverage.

How It Works

The United States Insurance process begins with a few questions about your vehicle and yourself, including where you live. Auto insurance rates vary regionally, and also depend on whether you are based in a large city, a smaller urbanized area, or rurally.

Once you enter the requested information, United States Insurance will route your query through its network. Providers offering coverage that matches your query will be returned to you with price quotes. In a small number of cases, specific price estimates may not be included in some results. If this occurs, you will need to contact the provider directly to get cost details.

Partner Providers in the United States Insurance Network

United States Insurance deals exclusively in auto insurance. Its network of partner providers includes:

Some end providers only operate regionally, so the total number of available options may vary depending on where you live.

The Fine Print

There are a few technicalities you should keep in mind when using United States Insurance to source competitive auto insurance quotes:

Pros and Cons

Here’s what people like about the United States Insurance online marketplace:

On the other hand, users and reviewers have also identified a few shortcomings:

The Takeaway

United States Insurance offers a valuable service that can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your auto insurance. It only takes minutes to get a quote, and you can use the site to link with reputable, stable, trustworthy auto insurance providers who serve customers in your area.

Like most other online insurance marketplaces, United States Insurance generates leads for its partner providers, so you may receive solicitations. However, you can opt out, and beyond that, the service has very few other drawbacks.