QuotesMatch Review

QuotesMatch is a popular online tool consumers can use to seek out low rates on their insurance needs. It functions as a quote aggregator, collecting and returning pricing information from partner providers in the QuotesMatch network in response to targeted searches. These providers know they’re actively competing against each other for your business, so they have a strong motivation to offer their lowest possible rates through the system.

Let’s take a closer look at how QuotesMatch works, what kinds of auto insurance you can find through the network, and why you might want to consider it to source your next car insurance policy.

What types of auto insurance are available through QuotesMatch?

QuotesMatch maintains partnerships with more than 70 leading U.S. insurance providers. Given the breadth of their network, there is quite a bit of variation in what’s available. Not all partners who work with QuotesMatch offer the same types of insurance, particularly when it comes to highly specialized types of coverage.

However, there are a few general consistencies among providers. No matter where you’re located and no matter which provider you might find through the QuotesMatch network, you can count on the service for competitive rates on:

Other common but more specialized forms of auto insurance you can seek from QuotesMatch’s partner providers include:

Not all providers in the network offer all three of these niche types of auto insurance. However, enough do to make it very likely that you can get multiple quotes from competing providers, which will help you save money.

Forms of coverage that are and are not available depend on the end provider. If you receive a quote and you’re interested in adding specialized types of protection to your policy, but you are not sure whether they are available through your company of choice, contact the company itself to learn more.

How does QuotesMatch work?

QuotesMatch uses a simple, straightforward process that unfolds over three steps:

  1. Fill in a questionnaire, which asks you for some personal details and information about your vehicle. It takes between three to five minutes to complete, depending on the type of coverage you’re seeking.
  2. Compare the free quotes your search will generate. These quotes will come from major nationally operating insurance companies as well as smaller regional operators. In any case, quotes are custom-tailored to match your initial query.
  3. Choose the quote you want to pursue and connect with the provider to finalize your purchase. In most cases, your new auto insurance policy will activate within one day.

One important legal note: QuotesMatch is not a licensed direct provider of car insurance, and it also does not underwrite policies. It simply functions as a quote aggregator and lead generator for its partner providers.

What makes QuotesMatch worthwhile?

The QuotesMatch system consistently delivers sizable savings to consumers who use the service to source auto insurance policies. According to the QuotesMatch website, you could save as much as 50% coverage that’s the same or very similar to what you already have.

QuotesMatch also reports that its customers save an average of $569 a year on their car insurance needs. That equates to more than $4,500 in savings across the lifespan of the typical passenger vehicle.

Pros and cons

QuotesMatch offers users many impressive benefits. Key examples include:

However, the service also comes with a few downsides to keep in mind:

The takeaway

Aggregator tools are one of the best ways to save money on your auto insurance needs, since they force insurance companies to offer low rates that deliver meaningful savings. QuotesMatch has more than 70 insurers in its nationwide network, which is an unusually robust total for a quote comparison site.

Given that QuotesMatch is 100% free and that you will also not have any fees repackaged or hidden in the quotes you get, you have nothing to lose by using it. The savings you generate over the lifespan of your vehicle could even turn out to be enough for a down payment on your next car.