Insuramatch Review

Beyond its clever name, Insuramatch is a unique entry in the online insurance marketplace industry. On its website, Insuramatch brands itself as a “national independent insurance agency.” Consumers can source, purchase, and finalize auto insurance policies directly through the site, or enlist the assistance of an expert in-house advisor before completing a purchase.

Insuramatch has been referred to as a “super-agency” that prompts its partner carriers to offer their lowest and most competitive rates. In addition, and unlike many other online marketplaces, Insuramatch also offers users the ability to customize and personalize their quotes by completing a set of optional questions when filling in their profiles.

In this guide, we’ll analyze the Insuramatch model, look at its strengths and weaknesses, and weigh in with our take on its value as a consumer search tool.

Background and Company Information

Insuramatch has created an innovative marketplace model that strives to digitally replicate the experience of consulting a traditional local insurance agent. Its matching system includes both required and optional questions. Required questions represent essential details insurance companies need to calculate your risk profile. Optional questions help Insuramatch create a more complete and accurate set of quotes by taking your personal preferences into account.

A 2015 press release issued by Insuramatch explains further, stating: “InsuraMatch offers today's insurance shoppers a modern take on the kitchen table conversation. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies and informed by one of the largest consumer preference studies conducted in the insurance space, Insuramatch recommends to shoppers the best match of insurance companies able to meet a client's personal needs.”

What Types of Auto Insurance Does Insuramatch Offer?

Insuramatch recommends policies based on the information you provide and how you answer its required and optional questions. Its coverage options include a complete set of mandatory and elective forms of auto insurance, including:

Some of the providers in the Insuramatch network may also offer other types of specialized and optional auto insurance, such as:

The more optional questions you answer, the better Insuramatch will be able to find coverage packages that meet your personal preferences and unique needs.

Reasons to Use Insuramatch

Insuramatch gives users many unique incentives to choose the service over its competitors. Key platform-specific benefits include:

Partner carriers

Insuramatch offers insurance for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and boats, as well as umbrella insurance packages from renowned, leading carriers including:

Pros and cons

There’s a lot to like about the Insuramatch model, with consumers and reviewers highlighting the following major benefits:

On the downside, Insuramatch could stand to improve in a few ways. Downsides and flaws in the service include:

As of September 2020, Insuramatch enjoys a stellar A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with zero active complaints on file. This is a solid indicator that the company generates favorable responses from customers.

The takeaway

Online insurance marketplaces and quote aggregators are a well-represented service in the marketplace, but Insuramatch truly stands out from the pack. It is one of the only high-profile examples of a service that gives users the options to invest a little more time in building their profiles to generate more accurate and more complete insurance policy suggestions.

Another unique aspect of the service is that users have access to unbiased, licensed insurance professionals who can answer questions and guide them to the policy options that best meet their needs. This is another refreshing feature that really helps Insuramatch stand out.

As far as online insurance marketplaces go, Insuramatch is hard to beat.