Gabi Review

Gabi launched in 2016 as a free comparison tool specializing in finding home and auto insurance rates. Since then, Gabi has carved out a niche thanks to its novel approach to saving customers money.

The innovative company uses advanced data tools and intelligent algorithms to find rates and coverage options based on your needs. And unlike some comparison tools, Gabi is an online insurance broker and agent. So, you can complete the purchase of a policy on its site.

Let’s dive in to see what Gabi offers and take a look at the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Gabi



What Does Gabi Offer?

The Gabi platform asks customers to provide details related to their current auto or home insurance coverage. It then uses proprietary technology to compare your current coverage to offers from competing providers to find a similar policy at a better price. Gabi completes these comparisons in just a few minutes, saving customers not only money but also tedious legwork. Gabi serves customers in all 50 states and D.C.

Auto Insurance

On the Gabi platform, you can find rate quotes from more than 40 top insurance providers for a variety of auto insurance coverage, including:

Home Insurance

Similarly, Gabi can search its network of insurance companies for several types of home insurance coverage, including:

What To Expect on the Site

Gabi’s user-friendly system prompts users to enter a few details into an online form. The exact process differs depending on whether or not you’re already insured. If you are, the system will guide you to provide details about your current coverage. If not, you’ll be asked for information about you and your home or vehicle.

Once you’re all set, Gabi’s powerful and intelligent technologies automatically search for the cheapest available deals for car or home insurance. The Gabi system algorithmically applies the details you provide to its database of policies, finding offers that match your needs for less money than you’re currently paying.

When the process is complete, Gabi displays your options so you can compare. The company maintains partnerships with more than 40 leading insurance companies, and it can find up to 20 matches for any query. On its website, Gabi notes that the company is in the business of selling insurance policies, not leads. So, you can conclude your policy purchase without ever leaving the Gabi website.

Gabi handles all the details for you, from comparisons to finalizing the details. Also, note that Gabi is a licensed insurance brokerage, meaning that it’s authorized to actually sell policies instead of just redirecting you to providers.


It’s completely free to use Gabi to find insurance rate quotes. And there’s absolutely zero obligation to move forward with any of the offers the company finds for you. So, it doesn’t cost anything to see if you can beat the price of your current home or auto insurance policy.

The system works wonders: Gabi reports that its customers save an average of $961 per year on their insurance by using the service. That translates to a savings of about $80 per month. Gabi notes that multiple factors affect individual insurance rates and quotes, including your:

And since Gabi can match you with both car and homeowners insurance, there’s often the option to bundle those policies together with the same provider to save even more.

What People Are Saying About Gabi

As of August 2021, Gabi has an impressive A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. And based on nearly 1,800 Google reviews, Gabi has an excellent rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Customers seem especially happy with Gabi’s low pricing and the convenience of its easy-to-use platform.

The Bottom Line

Saving money on insurance can require a lot of careful research and quote comparisons. This process takes time … if you do it yourself. Instead, Gabi’s powerful tools do it for you, helping you achieve all the benefits while barely lifting a finger. Since it’s an innovative option in the fast-changing world of insurance, Gabi should be included in any comparison of top auto insurance providers and home insurance providers.