AgileRates Review

AgileRates is a free insurance aggregator portal that provides customers with personalized quotes from dozens of reputable providers. Because the site’s partner insurers know that they are bidding directly against their competitors for your business, they often reserve their lowest prices for services like AgileRates. This model can deliver healthy savings compared to what you might otherwise have paid for the same policy from the same provider.

The AgileRates system also allows users to make direct head-to-head comparisons of the providers and quotes returned by their searches. Remember that when it comes to insurance, the lowest price doesn’t always deliver the best value. AgileRates helps you find the right balance between affordability and completeness of coverage.

Let’s take a closer look to see what AgileRates offers, how it compares against competitors, and whether it’s worth using the next time you’re seeking a quote for auto insurance.

Company information at a glance

AgileRates first launched in 2018. As of September 2020, the company reports the following statistics on its website:

What kinds of auto insurance are available through AgileRates?

AgileRates conveniently divides its auto insurance products into two categories: mandatory and optional. The most common type of mandatory coverage is liability coverage, which covers bodily injuries to occupants of other vehicles as well as cyclists and pedestrians if they are hurt in an accident that was your fault. It also provides financial protection for damage to public property and private property owned by other people.

Some jurisdictions also require drivers to carry one or more of the following:

Customers can also purchase the following types of optional coverage through the AgileRates network:

Depending on where you live and which insurance companies serve customers in your area, other forms of specialized auto insurance may also be available.

How it works

AgileRates uses an easy three-step process to deliver savings on auto insurance:

  1. Request a custom quote by visiting the website, entering your zip code and vehicle information, and providing a few personal details.
  2. Perform side-by-side comparisons of quotes from companies that operate in your area. AgileRates will return results from both national and regional providers.
  3. Complete your policy purchase by connecting with an AgileRates agent to finalize your new auto insurance plan.

Average costs and typical savings

Many different factors will influence the cost of your policy. AgileRates strives to collect and return the lowest possible prices based on your information and profile, and your actual premiums will depend on things like:

Many insurance companies offer discounts to certain customers, either automatically or by request. For instance, providers commonly reduce your premiums if you have an accident-free driving record, use anti-theft or vehicle safety technologies, insure multiple vehicles on the same policy, or meet other standards or requirements.

Discount policies vary from one company to the next, so be sure to ask an AgileRates agent about them when you decide on an auto insurance carrier.

As for savings, AgileRates states that the typical customer saves $569 per year by using the service to compare rates and find lower-cost providers. That works out to $47.42 per month, or about 40% off the average nationwide rate for medium-level coverage.

Pros and cons

Major benefits of choosing AgileRates to source your next auto insurance policy include:

On the downside:

The bottom line

Based on available information, AgileRates positions itself as one of the better auto insurance aggregator services out there. It’s a relatively new company, but it is quickly gaining traction and currently serves a robust 25,000 customers a month.

Given the potential for major savings, you have nothing to lose by checking to see what rates you qualify for through AgileRates’ partner providers. The company works with major national insurance companies as well as smaller, niche insurers that operate regionally, delivering a strong cross-section of options from across the industry. Best of all, customers from across the U.S. can use it totally free of charge.